I guess it is to be expected that your Boss will know the whole world when he is Scott White.

I manage a smile as Scott and AKT shake hands and make polite conversation.

There is an awkward silence on our side of the Restaurant after a few seconds and I begin to wonder if the relationship between them is serious.

“I guess I will see you later, Sarah” He nods and strolls away. Before I turn back to AKT, I see him take a seat on some reserved table, a man in an impeccable suit joins him almost immediately.

“I hope you know you cannot continue to fuck Scott White while we fuck?” AKT says to me the moment our gazes lock and for a split second, I am at a loss for words.

“Excuse me?” I say when the courage to talk finally hits me.

“You cannot continue to sleep with your Boss while we…”

I raise a hand to stop him, “Sorry? Who said I was sleeping with him?”

He smiles, a lopsided grin that makes it seem like he is mocking me. How did he know we were having sex? Was it that obvious? I hurriedly begin to mentally go through the other people at work that have seen Scott and I talking, have they suspected anything too?

Fuck me! What if Ade knew something?

“You are sleeping with Scott White.” He says as he stands, “And I do not have a problem with the people you’re sharing your body with, I am just saying henceforth, you cannot continue to do that. I can take care of your needs sexually and financially”

He is by my side now, “Get up, we’re ready to leave” he says calmly but with a hint of authority that somehow irritates me. He is trying to be in charge here and I am not sure how that makes me feel.

I stand and he says, “Never raise your hand to stop me when I am talking again and end whatever it is with your boss” then he picks my bag and hands it to me.

“Let’s go”


Ade calls me early the next morning to inform me of the need for my presence at work.

She says something about needing an extra hand for bridesmaids’ dresses.

I hate going to work during the weekends and on days I am off but I gladly say yes and hop into the Shower.

My elder sister and her husband are having another one of those arguments where nobody wins and doors are slammed in faces and things that will be regretted later are uttered.

I do not want to hear those things, I am not cut out for drama. The only drama I like is the one I see on TV.

When I was younger, my friends used to say I liked to bail from fights, confrontation and drama because I am a coward. But asides hating to see my skin scarred, I hated the headache that accompanied situations like that.

I mean, what is the point? People yell, migraines are gotten and words that will cut deeper than a sharp knife are said. Words that sometimes, even a good apology can do scarce nothing about.

I step out of the Shower and ditch my towel, I am reaching for my bra when my sister’s husband bursts into the room.

I should have locked the door. I just always forget.

My hands instinctively shield my boobs and my eyes stare icily at him. If he is moved by the way I look at him, he does not say anything.

“What do you want?” I ask, asides from trying to screw me obviously.

“Sarah, your sister is driving me insane” he says breathlessly, taking quick strides he stops spaces away from me. Once upon a time I found him gorgeous.

He is tall, handsome and at a time, he spent more time at the Gym than anywhere else.

I remember the proud smile on my Sister’s face when she first brought him home to ours to introduce him to our parents.

My mother had thought he looked too pretty and like “something that will like to live inside a woman’s pant”.

I thought he looked absolutely breathtaking.

It may be a crime to remember the exact color of the shirt he had been wearing – it was a bright yellow mustard shirt that complimented his dark color – but I do. I remember the color of his jeans too.

But with time, he somehow went from one of my favorite people to someone I can’t stand.

Asides from being finicky and bickering about nothing and everything, he wants to fuck his wife’s sister.

“We can talk about that when I am dressed” I say to him but he is refusing to move, I can feel his breathing on my skin. He is way too close for comfort.

His fingers trace the lines on my face and linger when he gets to my chest.

“Okay. Get dressed quick” he squeezes my boobs before he saunters out of the room.

I shut the door and turn the lock. I am not interested in whatever is going on so I will not be seeing him.

I hurriedly retrieve a jumpsuit from my wardrobe and get dressed.

My perv of a brother in law and my sister deserve each other. Me, I don’t deserve a spot in their award winning drama.


Ade and I get busy the moment I step into the Office. She launches into an apology when I step in, telling me the Tailors got the detailing wrong.

The dresses are to be used in two days and if we don’t start working hard now, we may never be able to deliver on time.

We have been going hard at it for three hours when my phone rings, it is my silly brother in law.

He wants to know why I left the house without telling him. I tell him my Boss called again to tell me I could not be late.

He mumbles something about me not being there for him when my sister is about to kill him.

I take that as a cue to kill the conversation and tell him I will see him later.

I lose myself in the overwhelming workload surrounding us and I am only able to grab a chicken sandwich and banana smoothie sometime around midday.

“I think we should take a break for an hour” Ade says to me right after I am done infusing pearls into a dress.


I grab my phone then and see my brother in law has sent numerous messages. He seems riled up that I left the house and I am beginning to wonder if there’s something more to me leaving the house.

I read all his lengthy messages on WhatsApp and close the App. The rumbling in my stomach remind me of the need to munch on something.

That chicken sandwich and the smoothie went down fast it seems. It is not a surprise really, I put in all of the food into the serious work Ade and I put in.

The other girls she said couldn’t make it and she trusts me more than anyone else.

I like Ade. I think she likes me too.

She makes jokes once in a month with me. She does not do that with the other girls.

Yeah, once a month. Because Ade does not make jokes. She does not laugh at other people’s jokes either.

Once she got an invite to a big Comedian’s show and she told him, “Sorry, would have loved to come but I don’t like laughing”.

I don’t know anyone that does not like laughing but there’s Ade. But she is also a Boss Lady. She works hard and is the best thing that has happened to Nigerian fashion.

Her eccentric style is not one that’s easily accepted around here but the woman somehow made her style the style. Ade’s style is the stylebook for the entire Nigerian fashion. She is the Anna Wintour to fashion rules – she makes them, she edits them, she decides when they stop working.

“Heard from Scott today?” she asked, a frown on her smooth, very well exfoliated face. I am not sure I know any other woman who takes care of her face and body as much as Ade Bajowa. You can say that’s not a surprise seeing as she is an ex supermodel and MBGN but really, do they all look this way?

“No” I reply, my mind flashing back to the last time I saw Scott and the mysterious guy in Suit.

“Strange” she mouths and leaves the room. I am putting away my taperule when my phone buzzes, it is AKT.

Wanna do lunch?

The state of my stomach reminds me the answer to that question better be positive.


His response comes in almost immediately.

Where are you?

My fingers deftly type a response.


His answer is slower this time but when it comes I am informed of how I would be picked up.

My Driver will pick you up in ten minutes.

I dash to the bathroom and check my reflection with so much concentration that I might as well be trying to draw out a new face.

I know I look pretty. My ears are bare, I have a gold necklace sitting on my neck and my hair as usual is pulled up in a bun.

However, I am nervous as hell.

This is AKT asking me to lunch. I don’t want to look anything less acceptable than what he usually gets.

This is a man who had Kaycee, the Kaycee.

One of the most gorgeous women I have ever laid my eyes on.

I better look breathtaking. I stare long at the mirror until the Driver tells me he is outside.

“You have a date” Ade says casually, her teeth digging into a cucumber. A plate of veggies and boiled plantain sits in front of her.

“It’s not a date, just lunch”

“If that’s what you kids call it these days” she says and then adds, “Be back in time for us to finish this work”

I nod and dash out of the door. The Driver delivers me to AKT in no time. I am taken to a Hotel somewhere in Lekki Phase One. It looks like something out of a picture and it is painted in white and gold.

A curvy woman with short hair is stepping out of the room when I arrive. I eye him and step into the room.

“You can see other people and I can’t” I say to him

“Is this a Yes I will now devote my body to you?” He ask, his tongue licking my right cheek. I try to tell my body to relax. It’s not that serious.

“I am saying…”

“You’re saying you will allow me the liberty to all of this?” he steps aside and points to my body

I am about to respond when he says, “Have you ended things with Scott?”

“See, it is not that simple…”

“Oh now you’re saying you guys are fucking for real”

I frown. What is it with this man? I can’t fuck someone else, he can. I can’t cut him when he speaks, he can. Who does he think he is? Fucking Chris Brown?

I fold my arms firmly across my chest.

“I think we need to set some things straight” I say through gritted teeth, I am trying not to let my irritation show but heavens know it is getting hard.

“Like what little madam?”

“I am not little madam! And you’re not the only ones allowed to have rules” I watch him stare at me, a smile dancing around his eyes. What, he thinks I am joking?


Thing with women like Sarah is, they think they have an option where men like me are concerned.

She is trying to lay down rules and be stubborn but there is no way she is allowed any of those things.

If there is anything I am never going to let any woman be to me again, it is to have enough opinion or freedom to use me.

Kaycee was a good teacher, I have learnt.

“Sarah” I begin slowly, she is about to learn than this is not a democracy. “This is not a relationship. Things are not balanced here. You are not going to have a right or become a feminist. Sorry. This is my game and you better be ready to play it my way or get out”

I watch her gasp. She definitely did not see that one coming.

“I’ll be gone then” she says when she gets over the shock but I must be damned if I let her through the door looking like that without giving her reasons to stay.

It is becoming hard to keep my hands off her smooth skin and the way she is looking at me with the fire in her eyes, is turning me on.

I bet she does not know that angry face is doing a lot of damage.

I pull her back, “You can leave after lunch” I say.

I grab the food menu and hand it over to her, “The Chinese is good.” I add and return to my table where I am working on something.

Scott White is married to someone close to me and I know he is cheating. She’s complained about it numerous times and I have told her not to get in her feelings.

I know how she can be when she gets really angry and that is why I have been telling her to calm down.

They are going through a divorce because she believes he is falling in love with the person he is cheating with this time.

And if by chance that person is Sarah, then I will stand no chance with her.

And I need to, with the way my body reacts to her, I have to.

When I am done fucking the life out of her, she can go to Scott or whoever she wants.

Her phone rings, I watch her pick it up.

“Hello Scott” she says, eyeing me.

I smile, go to the door, lock it and remove the key.

She is not going anywhere. Not until I say she can. She’s going to be mine, she just needs time to see.