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The one thing that irks me about bitches (or women as some of you may like to refer to them) is their insistence on fronting.

Like you spot me across the room, you’re feeling me, you know that I have seen you and have seen through you, yet you act like you couldn’t be less bothered when I walk up to you and try to strike up a conversation.

Bitch, I know you’re feeling me. Can we get to the part where I stick my cock inside of you and you scream my name and I pay you for your kindness later?

I mean, at the end of the day that is all a woman wants – money for screwing a man.

Of course, some of them like to refer to it as love but hey, I am not going to piss on any woman’s parade but we know that shit they do aint love.

“Oooh AKT” I watch the one riding my cock with so much energy blandly. She has been on it, pun intended, for some thirty minutes now.

I eye her D-cups, which she squeezes with her freshly manicured hands and then tries to shove in my mouth.

I manage a quick kiss on them before grabbing my cognac, which is sitting pretty in a glass near us.

We’re on a private beach somewhere close to Epe and this is the second day of our rendezvous.

She is married, with two kids and a husband who can barely pay her bills the way she wants me to.

Swigging the drink, I return to watching her pound me furiously. I am not going to cum, I already know but I am not going to say either.

I feel like she knows and I also feel like she knows I would not say a thing.

We hear voices and I feel her stiffen. She is about to stop when I command her, “Stay” the look on her face tells me she is stunned, “Continue” I order and she reluctantly continues riding me.

My phone buzzes and I glance at it, it is Steve. He is sending me a message to meet him up at the lounge in this new place we just discovered and where we hang out once in a while.

My companion looks around us now on the empty beach. I smile inwardly sensing her discomfort.

I honestly cannot be bothered.

I have lost all the ability to care since Kaycee broke my heart a year ago and chose my cousin over me.

She is and will remain the only woman I have ever genuinely loved.

How then am I supposed to get over the hurt? And how am I also supposed to stay angry at my cousin who snatched the love of my life right under my nose?

A year after they got together, I still find myself wondering how it happened without me noticing.

It was not a bad thing for me to have trusted my girl with my own blood was it? I mean, I know Kaycee is gorgeous, even when she was pregnant, she was beautiful but come on, couldn’t Steve have looked the other way?

I have forgiven them but I would need a little time to get over the betrayal and how they got one over me.

The breeze from the waves of the sea hits us where we are, giving me a feel of fresh air. You gotta love the sea. Asides the ambience it brings, it also lavishes a freshness which one cannot get anywhere else.

“Ooh, I’m coming” my companion was saying now and I watch her still and feign an orgasm she probably thinks I can’t see through.

Bloody bitch.

I have been pleasuring women for too long not to know when a woman is feigning an orgasm. And this one right here is faking it.

I make a mental note to give her 5k short of the money she needs for her Steve Madden heels. She caused it.

Shoving her off me gently, I put my cock in my boxers, wear my sunshades, grabbed my remaining drink and head for the lounge.

“AKT” she calls and before I turn I know what she wants.

“Yes?” I snap

“The money…”

“I would transfer it. Lock my suite and drop the key at the reception” I cut in impatiently and then, make for the Lounge where my cousin is waiting for me.

Remember when I said women keep fronting unnecessarily? Last night, I had come to this lounge to have a drink and some small chops with my current play thing, the married one, Sophia.

That one had chosen a short shiny dress that shifted all the way up her thighs when she sat and it had gotten me distracted for a long time.

I had actually been carried away, lost in her eyes while she twirled her curly weave with her fingers and bit her lower lip as we chilled with some of my colleagues from work.

Then this Waitress had showed up, dressed in what I thought was too skimpy and too tight and served us our drinks. I could have sworn she’d been checking me out all night and honestly, I thought she was cute too.

Hazel brown eyes, light skin, curvy and very easy on the eyes, she had been the type I would move on to.

And I did when she brought our bill. I slipped my number in the middle of the cash and handed it to her.

Except she came back to where I was sitting, asked to see me privately and then gave me a dress down for scribbling my number on a sheet for her.

Did I think she was a Ho?

I had laughed, of course all women are hoes.

Don’t get me wrong, not all women sleep around or whatever but they all have prices and all a man had to do was to find that price.

She had slapped me though but instead of doing anything irrational, I had dragged her by the hand, opened the door to my Maserati and fucked her senseless in my backseat.

Grabbing her by her neatly done box braids, I had insisted on the reverse cowgirl position while I watched her thrust into me like her life depended on it.

And when we were sated, she had returned to her nasty ass self.

Like I care.

Me I had gotten what I wanted and that was it. Screw whatever she did.

Now as I join Steve at the lounge, I see her acting like I don’t exist and I’m like, is this one mad?

“How far” Steve and I shake hands and take our seats

“Sorry jare, I was busy” I say as I place my phones and glass of cognac on the table in front of us.

“With a girl abi?” he asks, a meaningful look on his face.

I ignore him

“AKT, you should find one girl and settle down with not all the girls in Lagos.”

“As you took the only one I wanted nko, I have to search thoroughly to be certain I am getting the one that’s for real”

He laughs and shakes his head, “Sha be careful. This one I heard you fuck around with married women”

“I am only helping their husbands service them”

“So I want to propose to Kaycee”

I frown, “The proposal you did before nko?”

“Another one. We’re getting married in two months and I want to do it again. You know, now that she has delivered the baby”

I shrug. I am not sure how I feel about that. But again, I am not sure how I feel about anything. I shake the glass of alcohol I have been toying with all day. The ice in the glass clinks. I raise it to my mouth and take a long sip.

“What do you need me to do?”

“I want you to come and help me pick a Suit for the occasion.”

I almost choke on the drink, “Suit to propose? What is this, Telemundo?”

He laughs and then says calmly, “I want it to be very special for her. And I also want to pick a dress for her too. I don’t need you for that one…”

“I no go answer you sef” I cut in

“But we have to pick it up first before we go and pick mine”

I shrug and finally let go of the cognac. “No wahala” I stand and we both get ready to leave. That Waitress chic is eyeing me now, her eyes lingering on my ring.

I get stares like that all the time. The one on the ring that is. It cost me roughly a million in naira and it had a skull carved on it in bronze.

A chic once said it made me seem like a Cultist. I told her that I joined the Illuminati last time I was in Yankee. Mchew, her father.

Don’t ask me why I bought it for real sha. But I can tell you this much, when Kaycee dumped me, I went on a spending spree.

I bought almost all the things in the world.

It was when I bought my Maserati and a property in a very quiet place in Ajah.

As we walk past the Waitress, I whisper into her ear, “I’ll be back soon. Meet me at my Suite 9pm tonight. Don’t wear panties”

I could almost swear I felt her gasp.

The things I intend to do to her ehn, her Ancestors will be too shocked to save her.

A wicked grin settles on my face as we step into the hot afternoon sun, Steve joining me in my car.


Honestly, I don’t understand why Steve and Kaycee will not just be okay with marrying themselves, breaking my heart and moving on with their happiness.

They just always find a way to drag me into their romance story.

Like now, I am currently in the fancy store in Lekki Phase One, where I am picking up an expensive dress for Kaycee without her knowledge in her damn presence.

How did it happen?

Let me explain.

So after we left the private beach earlier, Steve and I ran into traffic. And while I was listening to my Wizkid music jeje, his phone rang and I heard him speaking to Kaycee.

Like I do these days, I tuned off. But when he got off the phone, he started looking at me like something was wrong.

“Everything okay?” I asked as I navigated my way through the remaining traffic on the way and finally got free on the express road.

“Kaycee is at the store we are going to”

“Oh shit” I muttered, knowing it was going to threaten to ruin his carefully planned surprise “Ehn, let’s go and pick your Suit first na. we can pick her dress after”

“No. The girl says they’re closing early today and I think that’s why Kaycee went there sef”

“So what’s the plan?”

“You would go in there and pick the dress. Tell her I have gone to see a friend and make sure she does not suspect a thing”

As if he knew I was about to object he continued, “Park many blocks away so she does not see me and please don’t give anything away”

I was fuming when he said all that. Hian, the girl I was supposed to marry is now marrying my cousin and I am now running love errands for them. Like WTF.

I swear, I am getting my revenge on all the girls in Lagos. I am breaking hearts anyhow for the next ten years at least.

That’s now I found my way in the Store sha. Standing side by side Kaycee while buying a dress for her without her knowledge.

“Where did Steve say he was going?” she asks again as I watch a pretty girl who is likely in her mid-twenties lead us to a room for fitting.

I like the girl. She is not my spec or anything but she did not ogle me like most Lagos girls do and she is actually naturally pretty.

Her hair is pulled tightly to the nape of her neck and she has a pair of studs in her ears.

No makeup, no enhancement nothing.

And as Kaycee and I snake through the hallway that leads us to the fitting room, I realize that her petite frame looks good in a pair of black denim and white tank top.

Briefly, I imagine squeezing that little behind of hers while I ram into her from the back.

The thought lingers a little too long and takes a lot of effort to banish even when she finally speaks to me in the fitting room.

“Here it is. Do you want to test your dress on, Madam?” she asks Kaycee now and I swear, I think I want her to keep talking.

“It’s not her own” I finally manage to blurt out, remembering Steve’s stern warning not to ruin the whole plan.

“Oh I’m sorry. I just thought since you both came together…”

“It’s okay” I say and she smiles, revealing a set of dimples that makes my blood rush south.

Hehe, I am so going to fuck this one.

“I would pack it up for you then” She says, folding the dress carefully. I vaguely wonder how much it cost Steve. The place we’re at is quite popular for making clothes for celebrities. And since Steve is obsessed with Kaycee, this must have cost him a whole lot.

“Please wait in the reception, I only brought you here because I thought she would be wearing it”

I nod and then leave with Kaycee. I like how she speaks too. She sounds like she went to school and she is not forming accent like half of the women I have been with.

I’m going to enjoy seducing her.

When Kaycee and I sit at the reception, we’re offered green tea. I decline but Kaycee accepts it.

“I saw the way you were looking at that girl. You better calm down” She says to me, a look of disapproval on her face.

I want to tell her that she has no right to tell me how to look after dumping me but I know better than to not have sense.

The last time I sulked she said, “My friend have we not begged you enough? Abi what is all these?”

And at the end of the day, I love her too much to ruin our friendship. And I love Steve too much to ruin our relationship. So now, I just sulk inwardly.

“Sorry o” I reply and she ignores me as she sips from the steaming cup of tea that has now been handed to her. The tea has a mint smell and I involuntarily inhale the scent.

My latest object of interest emerges, shopping bag with the name of Designer’s logo printed on it in her hand.

She hands it to me.

“Thanks for your time…” I wait for her to give me her name

“Sarah” she says, “And it’s nothing” she adds, those dimples that have now started to mess with my other head appearing again.

“Sarah. My name is AKT”

I can almost sense Kaycee rolling her eyes but damn me if I look her way.

“Can I have your number Sarah?” I ask, “You know just in case I need a stylist”

“Ugh” Kaycee says now and heads out of the Store. She can’t take it anymore. I am beginning to irritate her.

“Sure” Sarah collects my gold iPhone and punches in her digits. “Have a fantastic day, AKT” she adds and then disappears into the Store.

I watch her leave, she walks like she has spent some time being a model.

I’m so going to fuck you brainless, Sarah. Nothing will stop me. Nothing.

– Sugar Daddy Chronicles

Tomilola Coco Adeyemo