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Friendzone HQ

She was right, he loved the food.

Holding his gaze as she refilled his glass of wine, she winked and brushed his boobs against his face when she handed him the half-filled glass.

“Did you like the food?” she asked, hoping to confirm his love for the meal he just had.

“This is really good, Vanessa” he said as he cleared the remaining Pasta in his plate. The plate was empty now, save for small bones from the chicken chunks that now littered the plate. “Thanks” he said as she lifted the plate off the table.

She was heading towards the Kitchen when she heard him stand, “Where are you going to?” she asked and he pointed towards the room.

“No, babe. Tonight is for us both to enjoy each other. Let’s watch something together, just you and I”

“Fine. I would be here waiting for you then”

She smiled as she entered into the kitchen, the empty plate in her hands. Her excitement was threatening to engulf her as she neared the sink and dumped the plate in it.

Soon, and everything was going to be alright.

Grabbing an empty glass for herself, she returned to the sitting room where he was sitting on the couch, his phone glued to his ear.

She made a mental note to do something about the unusual callers after the night passed.

She could not stand those ones who intruded during periods like this one. They had to respect their time alone. If he was not going to tell them, she was going to do the telling.

Helping herself to some wine, she took a seat near him and waited for him to finish with his call. When he was done, he had a disturbed look on his face.

“Is everything okay?” she inquired

“Yeah” he said but his response was not convincing. And normally, she would have pressed further, insisting that he lay whatever the issue was at her feet but as it were, the day was already planned and she did not want some nameless person she could not care less about ruining her carefully laid plans.

Leaning over to where her laptop was, she tapped the space bar so the Porn she had selected earlier could play.

As the Porn star in her option for the night stepped out, denying her husband sex and about to give way to the nanny who peeped from somewhere outside the sitting room, she crossed her legs.

Porn turned her on and it turned Segun on too. So she was counting on it to do its magic today as always.

Stealing glances at him, she watched him focus his attention on the X rated movie that played out for them and she smiled. Returning her head to the video, she lost herself in the imagination of what was to come in a few minutes.

His ringing phone jolted her back to reality. She frowned as she made to grab the thing and toss it across the room. Her impatience for his phone was growing faster than weed in a field during rainy season and at this rate, she was going to toss the damn thing out of the window if care was not taken.

She frowned as he stood, the phone glued to his ear while he walked briskly to the door.

The unwanted visitor that walked in irritated and startled her at the same time.

What in the world was Kolapo doing in their apartment so late at night? What was he doing there at all?

She sprang to her feet in the quickest she had ever done and was at the door in seconds, “Kolapo what do you want?” she quizzed and watched in utmost shock as he ignored her and faced Segun.

“Thanks for seeing me, Segun” he began to say, “I am going to start this from the very beginning” he added, drawing out his hand for a handshake. “My name is Kolapo, I love Oyin. But she loves you and the world might have currently frozen and the time stuck in a certain place in the past but she deserves you not anyone else.”

“God no” Vanessa said, her body shaking from the terror that had now overtaken it.

“The baby Vanessa is carrying is mine. Not yours. I put it in there and I know I said bad things about it in the past but I would take responsibility if she chooses to have it. Before your accident, you and Oyin had a beautiful future ahead of you, a future that did not include Vanessa or the baby in her womb…”

“Stop it” she had found her voice but unsurprisingly, it was not loud enough to make any major impact because Kolapo continued regardless.

“You may not be aware but this is one of the hardest things I have done in my adult life; it is difficult being a grown up by coming here to say these things but I couldn’t watch the woman I love hurt because of me anymore”

Vanessa swayed, grabbing the closest chair to her as quickly as she could, she rested her weight on it and tried to wish it all away.

Kolapo had ruined her life.

Teary eyes met Segun when he turned to her for explanation some seconds later. His eyes had gone cold and his countenance had changed.

She had lost him for real this time and clearly, there was nothing she could do.

“Vanessa, do you have anything to say for yourself?” he asked her gently, but she knew there was nothing gentle about whatever he was feeling for her that moment.

“It’s not like that” she managed to say, even though she knew what she was saying did not make sense. She knew she ought to fight, she knew she ought to not give in that easily but what was she supposed to do?

The case laid against her was stronger than any she had witnessed in a Law drama.

Digging his fingers into her arm, Segun dragged her away from Kolapo, all the way to the room.

It was when she caught her reflection again that she realized she was still half naked. Nothing had mattered since Kolapo came in through the door. Not even her nakedness that now desperately needed covering.

“Vanessa, what happened to you?” the calmness was still in his voice and if he had plans to go crazy on her, he was not revealing it. He just stood there, hands stuck in his pockets while he gazed at her.

“Nothing… Segun I apologize for everything he said…”

“Everything he said or everything you did” he corrected, waiting for her to follow suit. But she was not even sure she was strong enough to do that.

“I was carried away” she moved closer, her hands desperately on his shirt, “Please forgive me” tears had rolled down her cheeks now, tears she could do nothing about.

There was a long stretch of silence before he asked again, “What did you do to yourself?”

“I don’t understand?”

“The incisions, why did you get them?”

Her grip on his shirt softened and she instantly let go. “Wait, what?” He knew? How?

Segun watched as utter confusion joined her already tear stricken face. He’d found out a day before.

He had been sprawled in bed, flashes of past memories appearing before him as he lay motionless early in the morning, waiting to find the strength to step into the shower, have his bath and head out to work.

Her phone had buzzed twice, the constant vibration irritating him. Leaning over to where she had kept the device near her side of the bed, he found out it was Gina messaging her.

All he had needed to see was ‘the incisions on your Vajayjay’ to allow himself to indulge in invading her privacy. He clicked to see the full message and was dumbstruck when he saw the threads of messages they had exchanged.

There was a full spiritual plot to be rid of Oyin and sleep with him while her privates had just freshly witnessed the cut of some probably unhealthy knife somewhere?

He’d been miffed when he got over the shock but he had chosen not to do anything. So he just waited and watched, hoping she would question him about the message he’d read. Except she did not, which made him wonder if she knew about it.

“Segun, please! Please!” she was wailing now, tugging at his trousers violently, unprepared to let go of him.

He watched her from where he stood, a look of disgust on his face as her tears wiped his feet. Her body were in spasms from the violent tears she shed.

Even if he could forgive her, she had made it very hard for him to.

“Vanessa” He began, still with that soft voice he had used all evening, “Call Gina, pack everything that is yours and get the hell out of my house and life, forever.”

She stilled, her swollen eyes looking up at him and he knew she knew one thing for sure – this was their end and there was absolutely nothing she could do about it.

Oyin always wanted a beach wedding.

As a little girl, she had witnessed the first and only beach wedding in her life when she had been the little bride at a distant cousin’s wedding at the Bar Beach. At the time, beach weddings were rare and people called the Brides who dared to choose it, Mammy Water.

But as a five year old dressed in white lace which stopped just above her knee, a fresh bouquet of flowers in her hands, she had been lost in the beauty and the ambience the beach provided while her big cousin exchanged her vows with the love of her life.

There, that day, she fell in love for the first time. And it was with nature and its ability to give so much beauty without taking anything in return.

“So beach wedding?” he asked when he saw she was still looking around the private lake they were at, somewhere on the outskirts of Lagos.

She nodded, a dreamy look in her eyes as the wind gently swept her hair across her face. “Beach wedding”

Shahid chuckled, “I love beach weddings too”

“They’re beautiful”

“I think they compete with the bride though; you’re like which one do I think is more beautiful here, the bride or the scenery”

She laughed, what he was saying made a lot of sense. But at the same time, it was not going to take away her love for that type of wedding.

He pulled her closer to him, hugged her fiercely and placed a soft kiss on her head.

“Thanks Shahid” she muttered

“For what?”

“For being one of the best friends I have ever had”

He laughed, “Look at this one o. after friendzoning me and refusing to marry me”

She laughed too but stopped when her eyes met his, “I’m serious though. You came through when you had absolutely no reason to and that for me, is one of the best things anyone can do for anyone”

“I know. But that is what love does, it makes you not to see how deep in the friendzone you are and you even start giving the girl tips on how to make it work with her man”

She threw her head back and laughed again, it was harder than the first time and it made her realize that no matter what, Shahid was always going to be a special part of her life.

“Oyin, I’m just glad you’re happy. It is all that matters now”

She nodded, a smile on her face before she hugged him again and made for the bar they had come to. She had come to drop him at a friend’s who was having a party later that night at Elegushi.

Shahid needed to help him plan.

“So when are you guys back?” Shahid asked when he walked her back to her car

“In a week. We need to come back and make money”

He nodded, hugged her again and said, “I would miss you”

“I know” she replied, “I would miss you too” she added and as he turned to leave, she knew that in Shahid she had found a friend. Forever.

She had not seen him since the night she burst into his house using an Uber after she realized Kolapo had taken her car and fled to God knows where.

They had talked, he had told her he remembered a few things and his recovery was coming even though it seemed gradual.

They had also kissed and shared deep things only both of them could reach.

Suddenly, everything felt right. She found out she had gotten the one person who was hers.

“I did this because I want you to be happy, Oyin. Always stay happy no matter what” Kolapo had said to her when he eventually handed her the keys to her car.

She had not expected him to be that selfless. She threw her arms around him and hugged him fiercely while muttering a genuine gratitude.

She and Segun had slept in her house that night, making love for the first time the next morning while the early morning sun danced around them, making the depth of their love the music that not only catered to their soul but the rhythmic movement their bodies made while it was being joined together.

He was the love of her life as she was his.

She looked at him now, as he made his way to her front door, coming to help her pick the things she had packed for their little getaway to Ghana.

“Have I told you I love you today?” he asked, planting kisses all over her face

“Hey careful, don’t ruin the makeup” she said with a smile

“I will buy another one please” he then held her tightly and kissed her like his life depended on it.

She liked that about his kisses; the way he kissed her like if she did not exist, life would not matter to him.

“So Ghana is ready to hear you moan my name because the things I would do to you ehn…”

She laughed as he lifted her bags and held her hand while they strolled towards his car.

“Asewo, Ho, Prostitute” she said

“I love you too babe” he winked and then smiled, and then unknowingly, told her without words that she had made the best choice of her life.



– Tomilola Coco Adeyemo.