Hey beautiful people, Friendzone HQ ends tomorrow. I’m giving out this bonus episode as an early Easter present.😁

Once Friendzone HQ ends, Squadi: The Originals would kick off in full force. So for those of you that have been avoiding it because you sha like only Oyin’s story, you berra read up.

Plus ‘Squadi: The Originals’ is a series. By that I mean, there would always be a Squadi story, not necessarily with all the characters, but the story would always have the lead who you would soon find out is Ajayi and, a new story would be centered around him for every Squadi story. The characters are one of my favorites to create in recent times, I particularly like how annoying and spoilt Hakeem is and because I trust y’all to always have your team, you better start picking who you’re rooting for now.

Remember, they would never die.

Enjoy the semi finale of Friendzone HQ

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Friendzone HQ

She watched him toy with the fork in his hand, playing with the cutlery like he was trying to make an art with it.

The steamy plate of porridge, drenched in a well fried stew and garnished with Saki, ponmo and bokoto was clearly not of any interest to him.

Neither was she.

“I know you cannot remember a lot of things but you did agree to this meeting, Segun” she said quietly, careful not to upset him or cause him to change his mind.

He looked at her, an unreadable look in his eyes.

Shahid had told her to call him and ask for them to see privately when she had hung out with him the day before.

While they watched a movie on the big screen, he had mentioned to her to suggest a meeting alone, adding that it would help Segun recollect a few things or at least, help him feel better about whatever was bugging him.

“See, I believe the guy must have had a tough time when whatever happened between you two happened. That is why he seems stuck on that moment right now. He must have been hurt that you shut him out”

She’d leaned closer and placed a gentle kiss on Shahid’s cheek and then, she had sent a text to Segun, followed by a call minutes after their movie had ended.

He had agreed to see her, surprising her a lot, because she’d expected him to shut her down or at least be hesitant.

And she’d been elated, counting down the hours to the time they saw face to face. Except when they finally saw, he’d been stone faced, acting like he had been dragged there without his consent.

Her plate of Jollof rice and peppered gizzard was almost empty and as she lifted the glass of Orange juice to her lips, she told herself she was nearing the end of her patience.

She loved him, she desperately wanted him back but she also could not understand why he was stuck on a period that had happened years before.

And as if that was not enough, he was housing Vanessa who somehow felt the need to treat him like her captive – trying to ensure he never got out of her sight – while she became openly rude to her whenever she came to visit.

“How are your exams?” he asked after she returned the glass in her hand on the table.

“What?” she asked and then, suddenly realizing he was asking after the exam she had been writing shortly after he was released from captivity, she quickly added, “Fine.”

“Was it worth ignoring me over?” he asked her quietly and she felt awful.

Her hand found his but he removed it before she could make any serious contact. She had been buried in exams when he was released and because she had failed a course the previous year, was working on thin ice with one of her Lecturers, everything, including him had paled in importance to her school work at the time.

And even though that part of her life had been very important, she felt bad thinking of how much he’d wanted her to be there.

“Nothing is worth ignoring you over”

God, she loved him. She loved him so much her heart ached and she knew she did not want to love anyone else but what happened when love was not magical enough to make things easy?

A woman’s loud laughter from the nearby table caused her to look away from their table for a second, by the time she turned back to face him, his eyes was on her, something deeper than what she had ever seen in them.

If he had not been dealing with amnesia, she would have been hundred percent certain he was about to blurt out some passionate words to her.

But he was and right now, she was not his favorite person. So she knew this look had to mean something else.


He stood up and marched towards the entrance. Calling for the Waiter, she thrust five thousand naira in his hands, knowing fully well their meal did not cost that much but she was not willing to wait and lose Segun.

Moving briskly through the Restaurant, she got out of the door in time to see him getting into his car and driving away.

Hurt, pained and angry, she made for her own car, rested her head on the steering wheel and fought the urge to cry.


Kolapo was having lunch when she stopped by the Cafeteria to grab a bottle of water. He sighted her before she spotted him and that gave him enough time to grab her hand before she walked past his table.

The place was alive with different voices belonging to other Doctors and families of Patients who had come to fill their stomachs, so Oyin did not grab her hand from him and walk away like she would have wanted.

She simply stood and waited for whatever he had to say to her.

“Oyin, how are you?”

His face seemed like the question was all he wanted an answer to. Like he would let her go if she gave an answer to it, so she said simply, “I’m fine” and then began to start towards the Counter to make her order.

But he was not letting her go that easy.

“Oyin, I know we would never get back together but please, let’s at least be cool with each other”

She scoffed, her refusal to discuss his decision to plant himself between the legs of that slut that was currently holding her best friend down must have given him the impression that she was willing to be besties with him.

“I have to go KP”

“Please Oyin” he said, his face seemingly meaning the words he spoke.

But honestly, she did not know how she felt about him, his apology or his decisions to be who he was.

“I don’t know” and that was all she could genuinely mean at the time, so she snatched her hand from him and made her way to the counter where she grabbed the bottle of water she had come for, paid for it and made her way out of the Cafeteria.

But she must have been seeing Horses in the sky if she thought he was going to let go.

He was right after her, following her to the Car park where she was going to pick her ward coat.

“I’m really sorry about Vanessa. I was in a bad place” he said to her

“Of course” she keyed her key into the keyhole and grabbed her ward coat and handbag the moment the door opened.


“You know, we technically weren’t together, so it is fine that you knocked her up. However, what is not fine is you chose not to mention, acted like it was all good while some other chic was pregnant with your baby. A chic that was clearly dating my bestie whom you hated and whom you clearly did this to hurt”

Kolapo knew she was right; a part of him had enjoyed burying himself inside Vanessa’s moist insides every single time because she was Segun’s woman.

It was an unexplainable pleasure on its own, the one he felt whenever she parted her legs for him and moaned his name while he screwed her brains out.

It made him feel good that he was sleeping with Segun’s woman because he had been certain Segun had slept with his own woman.

But honestly, after he had seen the tears in Oyin’s eyes the day Segun had been diagnosed with dissociative amnesia – the tears coupled with the way her broken heart was mirrored through her eyes – he had realized that hurting her was not one of the things he wanted to do in his life.

She was the only woman he had felt that way about in his adult life but at the same time, the only woman he had hurt the most in her life.

How he had grown from a very sane man into a demon even he couldn’t recognize was still beyond him.

But as days passed by, with moments spent alone thinking about his most recent mistakes, he had told himself that he would make things right by her and by everyone he had hurt.

It was a journey he knew was going to be hard but one he was willing to make.

“Let me make every single thing right” they were not just words he was making to get back in her good books.

They were words that he meant, words that he intended to make true.

She was facing him now, her pretty face clearly untrusting of his statement but hey, who was he to blame the woman?

He had behaved like an Idiot when she had handed him her heart and when he was not acting the fool, he was monitoring her like he was a Detective or something.

So honestly, he did not blame her.

She walked past him.

“Oyin, please I beg of you”

“Have a nice day, KP” she said and disappeared through the large corridor that led into the main reception of the Hospital.

He was going to have to do more than words, he was going to need his actions. And ASAP.

Vanessa was not skilled in preparing Nigerian dishes – her previous attempts had been majorly disastrous – so she simply stuck with the few ones she knew or simply just made Pasta.

Segun particularly loved her Pasta, the first time she had cooked for him, she had made a delicious plate of Pasta, with little chicken pieces and rolled in a spicy sauce only her knew the secret to.

Even Gina who hated spicy things loved her Pasta and even though she had begged, even tried to sneak up on her in the Kitchen a couple of times, did not know the secret to the dish.

And that was what Vanessa prepared to make for her man as she waited for him to return from his outing with Oyin.

Earlier that day, he had told her he was going to see his best friend.

She had gasped, her jaw threatening to drop to the very ground she stood on when he delivered the message to her.

“But why?” she had asked and he had cocked an eyebrow, as if to ask what business she had asking him about seeing his best friend.

“Sorry” she had immediately apologized and while he dressed up to leave, selecting a burgundy shirt and a pair of jeans, she had made up her mind to sleep with him that night whether he wanted to or not.

All she needed was for him to be inside her anyway, once he did, subsequent times would be very easy.

Before then, he had not been aroused anytime she touched him. In fact, he had been so limp the last time she had been bold enough to ask, “Babe, aren’t you in love with your girlfriend anymore?”

At least, he thought they just started dating, so why in the world was he not erect whenever she touched him.

“I’m sorry” he had muttered, kissed her and then slipped into a deep sleep afterwards.

But tonight, she was feeding him, making him watch porn and sitting half nude by his side.

That was going to work.

She retrieved the bottle of alcohol from the Fridge and placed it gently in the Ice bucket that was sitting in front of his dinner.

Sashaying into the room, she gave herself one last look in front of the mirror – her boobs were perky in the nude colored negligee she had picked, which showed massive cleavage and which stopped just spaces away from her butt.

She was not wearing panties and she had ensured that no strand of hair was left on her Vee.

This was good. Dabbing on her fragrance – Rebel by Rihanna – she patted her ponytail which swept around her shoulder, smiled at her gorgeous reflection and selected the Porn she was watching with Segun.

She had particularly picked the one where a man who could not get it up with his wife got help from the Nanny who was wearing her exact type of negligee.

Then she sat pretty while she waited for him to return to the House, a smile on her minimally made up face.

Oyin had just finished prescribing drugs to a Patient with malaria when Kolapo stepped into her Office.

“Oga, this is not the time abeg. I want to watch Greys Anatomy” she said, her fingers punching in her password on her laptop.

“Oyin, I need your phone to make a quick call. Just one minute and I would be gone” he pleaded and she handed the phone to him.

Willing to ignore his presence, she pressed the space bar on her laptop and continued watching Greys Anatomy from the last scene she left off.

“Thanks.” He said as he made for the entrance.

“I thought you said you wanted to call?” she asked just as he was about to step out

“The person was not picking” he said and slammed the door shut behind him. Her phone rang as soon as Kolapo stepped out, she picked, almost certain it was whoever he had called.

But she was surprised to find out it was Segun on the phone.

“Segun, babe are you okay? Are you home now? Thanks for coming out…”

“Do you know why I am so angry at you for putting everything else before me? Why I am so mad that you did not reach out after I was freed by the Abductors?”

“No. but please tell me”

“Because while I was held there Oyin, when it seemed like everything was going to end there, when my life sometimes flashed before my eyes, you were the only person I kept thinking of. I am falling for you, Oyin. And I know this is not right because I have a woman…”

Oh no, you don’t have a woman!

“…but I think I am falling in love with you. I have always felt something for you since the moment you were introduced to me. I liked to think it was lust and I couldn’t even dare think it was more than that because you clearly belonged to my best friend but I knew it was more when I was locked up. I just kept thinking, she would never know how I feel about her. I kept you close because it was all I could do but I don’t know… it is not enough anymore.”

She was going to talk, damn it, she wanted to talk! The words were forming, they were coming, she was going to let them out but…

“I know this is a bad idea, letting it out. Actually, I have…”

He was silent for a few seconds before he said, “Good night”

Seconds after he had hung up, she was still in shock.

Wait, that happened?

She grabbed her keys and scrambled for the door, no man of hers was going to end up being that bitch’s.

Her feet might as well have been flying in the air because she made it to the car park in record time, except when she got there, her car was gone.

She had looked around the car park twice before it occurred to her to check the keys in her hands, they were not hers, they were Kolapo’s.

What the heck was going on?

He looked troubled when he strolled in through the door but she was certain the sex was going to help him clear her mind when they were done.

Slipping her hand in his, she led him to the table, where his dinner was spread out for him.

“I know you’re hungry, just eat a little and we can watch a movie together” she winked at him as she pulled out a chair for him to sit.

When they had first started dating, all they did was eat, get naked, have sex and watch porn.

It was how they were for weeks at the beginning and Gina used to wonder how she never got pregnant.

However, those days might be gone, but she was definitely recreating it tonight.

Recreating it and creating a family she had so desperately wanted and had waited too long to have.