Friendzone HQ

She felt him harden when she placed a soft kiss on his nipple and then, with her tongue, she busied herself with stroking the other nipple.

She did not only want his body to harden, she wanted his resolve to soften for her.

However, he had been doing a great job at refusing to have sex with her. At the beginning, she thought it was cute, hilarious even, that he chose to avoid her body like a plague but she had also begun to tire at his relentless effort to keep his body away from her.

“Okay, Shahid I get your point” she said with a frown, “You have proved that you can do without having sex with me. Now can we just do it?” she asked, arms folded beneath her naked breasts.

He avoided her naked boobs and every other part of her body and replied with a firm, “No”

She was stunned, he was still going ahead with his decision not to sleep with her? Was it even that serious?

“You used me once, Oyin. There is no way in hell I am letting that happen again” he said to her and got off the bed. Her eyes fell to his shorts, he was reacting to her alright, he just did not want that reaction to mean anything.

“Is that it or you’re not attracted to me anymore”

“I’m in love with you” he said simply, grabbed his phone which was connected by Bluetooth to his home theatre and began to scroll through it.

She walked up to him, standing in front of him while he tried to select a song to play through the speakers. “If you’re in love with me, why are you not sleeping with me?”

“Cause you’re in love with someone else and you’re using me because you can’t have him and you don’t want to fuck your foolish ex-boyfriend”

God, she hated how right he was sometimes.

Dipp’s Dangerous burst through the speakers with beats that tempted her to burst a move but she buried the urge to dance beneath her disappointment and growing anger.


“What Oyin? What is it? I can’t have your heart but I am constantly being served your body on a platter and I am telling you that is not what I want! I could fuck you right now and give you momentary pleasure, I could make you forget Segun and your heartbreak but that will be while I am inside you. Once I’m out and you step out, we’re going to be back to where we were before you got horny”

He hadn’t even realized he was raising his voice until he stopped. Looking away from the extremely sexy woman in front of him, he managed to convince himself that he had been that loud because he was struggling with the music blaring from his speakers.

He dropped his phone on the bed and sauntered into the bathroom. She was right on his heels.


He needed her to stop, he needed her to stop because he did not trust himself anymore.

She did not know it, but it had taken a whole lot of self-control not to bury himself deep inside her while she was seducing him minutes before. He wanted to do her, ugh, he wanted to do her so well that nobody, not any man in the world would be able to do her like that ever again.

He wanted to make her his; his name on his lips while he filled her with the whole of him, her tits hurting from being touched by him and her nipples aching for more from being teased by him.

Goodness, shutting her out was harder than finding fuel in 2016 Nigeria.

“Shahid, I apologize for everything I…”

His mouth crushed into hers, his hands holding hers firmly against the wall while he kissed her like a savage.

He had missed her and there was no way he could communicate staying away from her to his body.

Sweeping her off her feet, he balanced her on the white basin and parted her legs in one quick movement. His head was buried there in seconds and he ate her like a five year old who gingerly consumed his favorite Ice Cream cone; not too fast it finished on time but not too slow he could not feel the sweetness.

She held his head with a hand as she moaned his name.

He was going to make mad love to her and he was going to ensure that even if she left him for Segun or anyone else after that day, her body would always be a reminder of how deep his want for her ran.

Orgasms were good.

They helped trigger the release of endomorphins and eased tension.

Orgasms were good.

They helped one smile instead of handing out slaps like Christmas presents to road users while driving.

And, they helped one refuse to see the stupidity in a desperate Ho who was doing everything to own a man who deep down, did not want her.

Orgasms were fucking good.

She grabbed her phone and sent a quick text to Shahid;

That is hands down the best sex and climax I have reached all my life. We should get married Lol.

Placing the basket of fruits she had bought for Segun on her way to see him on the coffee table, she took her seat in the sitting room, waiting for Vanessa to go get him.

“You should stop coming though, you know he does not want to see you” Vanessa had said to her before answering her greeting when she’d opened the door earlier.

“Vanessa, I promise, if he tells me that himself, I would never come bug you guys again” she had replied, smiling so brightly, she wondered if she was trying to outshine a toothpaste commercial.

Goodness, what did that Shahid guy do to her? Now she was going through the day, giddy like a lovestruck teenager. She wanted more of that if Segun kept doing her this way.

Shahid’s reply came in then;

I don’t want to marry a woman who does not want to marry me. But hey, thanks for the compliment. Don’t count on a next time though.

She smiled when she read his message, she knew what he was trying to say to her and honestly, she wanted to run into his arms and tell him to take away all the pain.

But truth was, she was always going to want the man she had come here for.

She was in love with Segun and even though she knew whatever she felt for Shahid was increasingly becoming strong, she knew there was no way she could juxtapose them.


She turned around and found an unsmiling Segun staring at her by the entrance to his room. Vanessa was standing behind him, a protective look in her eyes.

“I came to say hi and to see how you’re doing”

“I’m fine” he said curtly, his eyes sweeping the basket of fruits on the table. “And thanks for the fruits” then as if in a trance, he stared long and hard at the dress she was wearing. Then, slowly, he raised his eyes to meet hers.

She could swear he remembered something and that he wanted to say it, so she waited for it, hoping it would come.

“Have a good day” he said and returned into his room, breaking her heart.

“What was that?” Vanessa asked her the moment he returned into the bedroom.

Oyin frowned, “How am I supposed to know? Is he not your man? Go and ask him” then she made for the door.

Actually, she had been lying; she knew what that was about.

It was about the dress.

It was the first gift he had bought for her; a bright yellow baby doll dress that cinched her waist and stopped just above the knee.

She remembered he had brought it to her the week after he had bought it and said, “One girl did not let me rest o, so I bought two. One for you and one for Ada”

Ada hadn’t liked hers because she thought the girl had been trying to sleep with Segun and, because hers had come in red and she loathed red.

But Oyin had been so in love with hers, one day Segun had joked, “Na wa o, so if we did not buy you this dress now you would have been walking around in bra and pant” then he’d added seriously after she had playfully smacked him in response, “I like it on you though”.

It was the first dress he had admitted to liking on her. And it was why she had chosen it for the visit; she was trying to take him on a journey of remembrance, a journey of their remembrance. A remembrance of how things used to be and how things could be if he came back.

There were a few Restaurants in Lagos that Vanessa believed was worth her time and money and one of them was her cousin Meriah’s Place somewhere secluded in Ikoyi.

The place was serene. Built like a cove, it had low lights that lit up the place and soft jazz music constantly playing softly.

The lamps that provided lights were framed like old torches and photos of old Jazz artistes hung on the wall.

Vanessa loved the ambience and the food. It was why she kept coming back.

She and Meriah weren’t even that close.

A well-dressed Waitress, clad in a smart purple ensemble and brown pantyhose made her way to her with her order – basmati rice and chicken broth – which she placed gently in front of her.

Vanessa’s water, which had lemon immersed in it was placed right beside her meal.

“Thank you” she muttered as the waitress left.

Vanessa began to eat, trying to pass away time while waiting for Gina. The delicious broth provided her solace before her sister waltzed in some minutes after.

“Nessa, I am so sorry I came late. The madness in this city is annoying! I need to get my shit together and leave as soon as possible” then she took a seat opposite her sister, “How are you?”

Vanessa managed a smile but she knew Gina would see through it so she came clean, “Horrible, Gina. Horrible”

Gina had a concerned look on her face, “What happened?”

“He won’t touch me, Gina”

“You worry too much, Nessa. Come on, the man is just recovering. He won’t be able to keep his hands off you when he starts. We already ensured that”

Her sister’s firm hands held hers when she wanted to complain again, “Everything would be fine” she said softly and Vanessa nodded.

She hoped so, because it had been two whole weeks since that spiritual bath and a week since Segun got out of his coma and nothing had changed.

Well except the fact that he thought they just got together and he was mad at Oyin.

Comforted, she was happy that Oyin was at least not currently in the picture. So maybe her elder sister was right, she worried too much.