Hey lovelies, so I have decided to make some people’s dreams come true.

If you remember, last year when I ended Sugar Daddy Chronicles on 360nobs, I promised to be back with AKT’s story because a lot of people felt the story was unfair to him and that the lead character, Kaycee did him wrong.

Well, recently someone asked for it in the comment section and honestly, I had been drawn to AKT for a while before then.

So here it is, I would be returning with Sugar Daddy Chronicles told (mostly) from AKT’s angle and, our new female lead, Sarah.

I am looking towards April for it to begin. Friendzone HQ ends soon to be replaced by Squadi: The Originals (which I have already started posting and which some of you are Ray charles-ing. Yes I see you) and SDC would commence come April 1.

I’d post teasers and all that like i normally do. And I would also post all the previous episodes of the first SDC here so you can refresh your memories.

Meanwhile, since this would be told from AKT’s angle mostly, SDC may not be a good title anymore. Any ideas what to call the new web hit?

Sound off in the comment section, y’alll know I love to hear from you.