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So yeah, that’s the reason I went off. But I’m back, so shall we continue from where we stopped?

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Friendzone HQ

Vanessa looked from the man in flowing white to her sister and Aunt.

“Is he going to keep ogling me like that?” she asked exasperated, glancing at him again, she realized his gaze was still set on her near naked body. He did not seem moved by her nudity, neither did he seem like he was ready to move from the spot he was on in a thousand years.

Vanessa felt naked and it had absolutely nothing to do with her lack of clothes.

Reflexively, she wrapped her hands tighter around her breasts.

“He has to take the spiritual bath” Aunty Tobi said simply and then moved to pulling her hands from her breasts.

Vanessa’s hands flew back to her chest, “There is no way in hell this guy is going to watch me bathe myself” and she’d always wondered, why did spiritual baths have to be taken physically?

The man looked at Aunty Tobi, a look of impatience on his wrinkled face. She hurriedly muttered an apology and then pulling Vanessa with her, she dragged her deeper into the ocean.

“Aunty Tobi…”

Her Aunt whirled around, a look of anger on her face, “Was it not you that said you wanted your husband to return to you?” she asked

Vanessa nodded

“So why are you wasting everyone’s time? We’re all here for you and you’re acting like a child? Listen, none of these things come easy, if you want to do it this route, then you have to go all the way. Did you hear me? All the way! No half way in things like this one”

By the time she was done, Vanessa was nodding like a little girl.

“He has other things to attend to so the longer you stall, the more impatient he gets. So get yourself into the water and let’s get this over and done with”

Fighting back the urge to cry, she went further into the deep blue water.

It was late at night, probably some minutes to midnight and the moon was the only source of light willing to provide illumination to the massive body of water that surrounded her.

Her feet dug into the sand beneath the sea as she found a spot to stand in. The water provided a cover up to her knees and when Aunty Tobi yanked off the white wrapper around her waist, she became stark naked in the ocean.

The old man gestured for her to kneel in the water and she did as she was told. As the coldness of the water hit her, she felt sharp pains in her Vagina where she had received incisions some minutes earlier.

She bit back the urge to yell in pain and curse. This was not easy and it better be working fast.

As the old man slapped her back with a local sponge, he muttered some words she barely heard and then scrubbed her back vigorously.

When it was turn for him to wash her boobs, she could swear he lingered around her chest on purpose but she dared not say anything.

It was all going to be over anyway and she was going to make love to her Segun and get him all to herself.

“Home” the old man who had just washed her body said to her and then clasping her hands together he muttered, “Together tonight, together forever”

She nodded, “Thank you”

Now that Segun was going to be hers forever.

Oyin was going to have to find herself another boo.

Segun nibbled her ears and with one quick move, pulled her closer to himself.

“I would miss you” he whispered

“Stay here” she pleaded when she turned to face him

“I’m tempted”

“Then stay”

He shook his head, “I have been here too long already. Plus I cannot run from Vanessa forever, we need to have the conversation at the end of the day and discuss the baby she is carrying”

“As long as you’re not giving her the D” she pouted and that made him laugh

“The D might not be coming your way now, babe but it is all yours” then he leaned closer for a kiss.

“It better be”

Grabbing his phone, he made for the door. “Dinner tonight o. don’t forget” he said as he stepped out of the house

“I won’t”

Vanessa rearranged the table for the third time – the fork and knife was placed by the right side of her plate now, not against it like she had done the second time.

She threw the water in the glass away and placed the cup empty by the plate.

She’d filled the glass before because she thought it would make him more interested in the food she’d spread out on the table but again, like the every single thing she’d done that evening, she thought it was a bad idea.

The tingling feeling in her pant caused her to bite her lower lip as she made for the sitting area where she slumped into the sofa and reached for the remote control.

She decided to pass the moment by watching something on E!

She changed the channel when Caitlyn Jenner’s face splashed across the screen and began to search for something she was interested in.

When she found a Davido music video, she stopped and immersed herself in the visuals of his most recent video.

Her baby was about to have the father she had chosen for it. Kolapo was not going to be a good daddy, he’d proven that to her a thousand and one times and honestly, if she had not made a mistake spreading her legs for him like a damn rumor, she’d have had sense to know that he was the last person she should have been involved with.

But she’d blame it on the alcohol they’d shared on the very first night they had sex.

The honking sound she heard from outside made her rush to the door, he was home. He was going to walk in any second and she was going to be ready for him more than she’d ever been in her entire life.

She adjusted her mini sequined bodycon, her hands running through her recently done cornrows while she waited for his hand to turn the doorknob so she could smile and welcome him home.

It was all well planned out; welcome him home with a smile, offer him a well prepared meal, laugh at everything he said even if he did not say anything and then seduce him to get into bed with her.

It did not have to be lovemaking like she always wanted from him and like he never gave these days, it just had to be sex.

When she realized she had been standing by the door for too long however, she opened it and found out there was nobody standing there.

Curious, she dashed out of the house and went outside to see whose car had been honking and she realized it was a random car she’d never seen.

Miffed, she returned to the house and returned to using the TV to pass time.

Oyin had mastered the art of ignoring someone very well over the past weeks. Now, she could literally stand face to face someone she could not stand and not have any issue with it.

All she had to do was replace his face with a random face or maybe even a cardboard in her head and go about her business like the person did not exist.

It was what had gotten her through running into Kolapo at the Hospital where they worked together during the period she was trying to get over the hurt and what she was going to use to get past the first few days after their second and last breakup.

As she walked through the hall that led to her Office, she saw him standing at the end talking to a Nurse in a low voice.

Determined to crop him out of her present and eventually her future, she marched towards her office.

“Oyin” he called when she got closer to where he was standing with the Nurse.


“Oyin, something had happened” he said to her and if she hadn’t seen that look of anxiety on his face, she’d have simply told him to either get on with whatever news he had or tell her later.

“What is it?”

“It’s Segun”

“What about him?”

“He had a terrible accident and he is currently in a coma”

She was not sure if a wave so serious had tossed her in Kolapo’s hands or if he’d just been ready to grab her in case of anything but she knew she somehow ended in his hands and she stayed there because her legs were not strong to carry her anymore.