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Friendzone HQ

She laughed more now; jokes became increasingly funnier, the sound of her laughter echoed across the room and she genuinely found things funny.

And she knew it was all because of that one kiss in the Kitchen with Segun.

That kiss had been able to change everything – it had eased the tension, had made her livelier and had opened up doors she imagined were locked up until that moment.

“You’re happy” Kolapo mentioned, it felt more like a question than a statement with the way his eyes followed hers as it traveled across the room and settled on Segun who was smiling at something Ola was saying to him.

“Is that a bad thing?” Oyin asked when she found out he did not seem happy with the fact that she was seemingly happy. And when he did not answer immediately, she said, “One would have thought you’d be happy that I have been able to find happiness somehow”

“Not when I am not responsible for this happiness”

She rolled her eyes, “Oga you need to get rid of this insecurity and your ability to cook up a storm when there is absolutely no need for one” she tried to stand but he pulled her back into the seat near him.

“You’re not going anywhere” he seethed, his hand tightly holding hers while his fingers dug into her soft skin. “You will not be walking out on me in a room full of people”

“Watch me” she said and tried to stand again but like before, he pulled her back into the seat before she could get away.

“If you keep doing that, I will create a scene. So if I were you, I’d sit and wait until this thing is over so we can talk like a normal couple”

She exhaled sharply, fighting the urge to yank his hand off hers. She could not stand him sometime and the reason was pretty much obvious – his insecurity was like a thick duvet and it spread heavily on top of him while he laid there, not making attempts to be rid of it.

It was the reason he had raped her when he had absolutely no reason to, the reason he had managed to reduce himself from being one of her favorite people to someone she did not understand/know.

She grabbed her phone with her free hand and typed a quick text to Shahid.

Meet me at Ola’s in five minutes. Don’t be late.

She was going to let Shahid drop her at hers that night, she had somehow found strength in the kiss she shared with Segun and she was not going to stand around, while the one man who thought he loved her left her no space to breathe.

Relaxing her head on the couch while ignoring Kolapo’s gaze, she slowly ran the events that followed the kiss in the kitchen through her mind’s eye.

“God, I cannot stop touching you” Segun had said breathlessly when the kiss was over. “Oyin, we have to do something about this. I cannot continue to pretend that all I want is your friendship” he added, a desperate look in his eyes.

“That’s too late, Segun”

He hurriedly answered her, “Can’t be, Oyin.” Grabbing her hands, he continued, “Can’t be. This thing I am feeling is what you’re feeling too so it clearly means I am not alone in this. And it means we both want to do something about it”

“But you’re expecting a baby with your girlfriend and I have a boyfriend”

“You have a dummy who is just taking a space only I own until I am ready to take charge. And, I am ready. I am breaking up with Vanessa tonight. It was going to happen whether or not this kiss happened.”

She sighed, “This would be hard”

He nodded, “I know” he smiled, “But I am willing to do everything it takes. Everything.”

Seconds passed before he added, “I love you, Oyin”

She knew the shock was written all over her face like a bold tattoo. Who could blame her? She had not seen that one coming in a long time.

“Do you know what you’re saying?”

He chuckled, “I am a grown ass man, of course I know what I am saying” he placed a kiss on her forehead and made for the door, “Leave him, Oyin. It’s time” and then he left her in the Kitchen, while she savored the moment their mouths intertwined seconds before.

And somehow, his words had given her strength; the strength she did not know she possessed up until that moment and the strength she needed to get things right in her life.

Her phone buzzed and she checked who was texting her, it was the man who recently occupied her thoughts.

Leaving soon. I’m breaking up and coming for you, babe. We have wasted too much time already.

She could not help the smile that spread through her face easily like butter would on freshly baked bread.

This was it, this was really it.


Shahid was listening to Whitney Houston’s My Love Is Your Love when she hopped into his car some minutes later. He had a warm smile on his face and he gave her a fierce hug the moment she shut the door.

“I missed you” he said softly

“Missed you too”

“Where to?”


He made out of Ola’s estate and headed for hers.

She had asked him to come because she owed him a lot, she owed him an apology for using him and an explanation for all the meaningless things she had done before then.

Her healing process was moving along faster than she had expected and she knew, that this was the right time to right the wrongs in her recent past.

“I’m sorry for everything I did, Shahid”

He looked at her and then focused his attention on the road, “It’s fine”

“Is it?”

He shrugged, “I love you Oyin. Probably more than I have loved anyone in recent times but the truth is there is clearly just one person in love here; me.”


He raised a hand to stop her, “See, no need to argue it. I totally understand everything going on with you. But at the same time, I am not going to stop chasing you. I can’t. Not right now”

“You have a girlfriend”

“Whom I started seeing because you weren’t available. I know that sounds like an asshole-ish thing to do but truth is, forgetting you is not easy”

She placed a hand on his and rubbed it gently, “I wish I could say I would give us another chance but…”

“It’s okay, Oyin. As long as you are not leaving me to be with that bum”

“I don’t understand”

He slowed down and nodded towards the rearview mirror, “See”

Puzzled, Oyin looked into the mirror, “What am I looking at here?”

“Your boyfriend has been trailing us for a few minutes”

It was then Oyin saw Kolapo’s car some three cars away. She gasped, “What the heck!”

Shahid looked at her with deep concern, “It does not have to be me, Oyin. But it definitely must not be him.” Then he added gently, “Please”


Segun was waiting at the entrance to her house when Shahid dropped her off minutes later, he had in his hand a bottle of her favorite brand of red wine, a boyish grin on his face.

“Are we going to go inside and make out or are you going to be checking me out all night?”

She chuckled, “You be fine boy na” she winked and pushed her key into the keyhole, “Segun for the girls dem” she added and laughed

“Segun for this one girl” he corrected and shut the door behind them.

“Did you…”

He nodded, “Yup. She is currently with her sister Gina who is in Nigeria for reasons I do not understand. As long as she allows it to sink in that we are done sha, I am fine”

He grabbed her by the waist and gazed into her eyes, “This girl, if only you know how you are doing me ehn, you would have calmed down tey tey”

She giggled, being in his arms that way felt strange and beautiful at the same time.

He had been her friend for so long yet, they had never had a moment like this one; a moment where he looked at her the way she had only seen him look at other women he was into, a moment that increased the temperature in the room and that no AC in the world could do nothing about.

She knew she might not have uttered the words just yet but she was in love with him as much as he was with her.

“I want to do not so friendly things to your body but I also want this to mean a lot to you as it does to me so tonight, it would be just wine and talk and cuddles” he sauntered towards the kitchen, “You have a corkscrew abi?”

“Yup” she said, biting her lower lip. So basically, her hot best friend with looks that belonged on a runway during Lagos Fashion Week was somehow in love with her and he was willing to be all hers.

Omo, the day she had him all to herself naked under the covers ehn, it was going to be bloody.


He’d had plans to bash into that house and confront that idiot that was Shahid but he had been shocked when Shahid had honked at him as he made a U turn while leaving hers.

So they were not spending the night together as he had thought.

Sighing in relief that his woman might be mad at him but she was all alone, he turned and headed for his.

Wondering vaguely if Shahid had noticed him trailing them earlier, he slot in a Fela CD and nodded his head as the music began to play in the car.

He’d never really trailed anyone and had been quite nervous to do it after the thought had popped in his mind shortly after Oyin had yanked her hand free and burst out of the house earlier.

But because he had been curious to know where she was headed, he had followed her quietly and had not been surprised to see Shahid scooping her in his white convertible.

However, now that Shahid was just playing the role of a Driver, he was happy to know his girlfriend was all by herself.

Maybe she’d return to her senses and dial his number to come pick her company soon enough.

After all, she had returned to her senses after the whole rape saga.

A smile spread across his face as he fought the urge to count the seconds to when she’d eventually call.

Because he was hundred percent certain she would.