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Friendzone HQ

Adam tugged hard at her leather pants as she made through the sitting room into the Kitchen  where his mother was ensuring everything went well.

Hadiza worked her ass off to ensure all her guests were pleased; she endured sleepless nights, worked overtime and most times stood in the background during the events she had planned to make sure everything went well.

Oyin admired her hardwork and dedication, women like Hadiza unsurprisingly conquered grounds nobody expected them to.

But she had always been the woman who did what others would probably be too scared to do and put her hundred percent in what she believed in.

“My Parents did not want me to marry Gabriel. They thought I was mad going to marry a Christian. For them, marrying a Christian Northerner is the same as marrying a non Notherner” she smiled, a twinkle in her eyes when she mentioned her husband’s name. Grabbing the tray containing glasses of cold chapman on the large Kitchen table, she motioned to one of her Ushers to come pick it up. “Ensure everyone gets a drink and people who don’t want Chapman should not be getting Chapman. Do not repeat the mistake you made at the Hamed wedding”

The usher nodded quickly and disappeared through the door with the large Tray, “They went crazy when I brought Gabriel home even after they had expressed their disappointment. My mother was like ‘You are not about to back down are you?’ and I was like back down when I love the man? Which type of back down is that one?” she chuckled, the period she was talking about clearly one she was fond of. “They did let me marry him especially when they saw that my faith in Christ was stronger and I was not letting go. I wanted to be the new woman I was in peace and they had to leave me be”

Oyin found it amazing that a woman could stick to what she wanted and get nothing but happiness for it.

She wished she could stick with what she wanted like that but there was no way that was going to happen easily.

“And now here you are”

Hadiza glanced at Adam and smiled; a smile that revealed the happiness on the outside and more importantly, the joy on the inside.

She was a happy woman, and the thing with happiness was that it made life easier for you. Even when life got really bad, happiness was that thing that made it bearable.

For her, life was like a bad road sometimes, but happiness was that ticket with which you boarded a plane which flew you past all that.

“He misses you, Oyin” Hadiza mentioned when she pulled her gaze away from her little boy’s. “A lot”

Oyin nodded slowly, unwilling to look into the eyes of the woman standing in front of her.

She could not bring herself to explain that she knew how hard it must be for Shahid to cope and how bad she felt for leaving him alone.

“He’s seeing someone else”

That caused her to look into Hadiza’s eyes, the other woman nodded when their gazes met but gone was the smile that accompanied her story when she spoke of her husband and her marriage earlier. It was now replaced by a look of deep worry and concern, “I’m worried that he is doing this because he is hurt. I’m worried for him. Everyone is, even my mother.”

Then Oyin listened to Hadiza update her on the past weekend and how their mother had come visit in Lagos and had met Shahid’s new girlfriend in his apartment half naked.

“Hadiza, you and I know that doesn’t make her a bad girl” Oyin said with a chuckle, she could not even begin to count the number of times she had been fully naked on Shahid’s couch, bed, table, rug… the list was endless really.

“I know but that was just the beginning for my mom. She said she could see he was sad and seemed to be only with this girl because he could not have someone else”

That drove a sharp knife through Oyin’s chest. She lowered her eyes, unable to look into Hadiza’s eyes any more.

Hadiza reached for her hand, “I know this is a very stupid thing to do especially since I am his younger sister and I shouldn’t be interfering in you people’s business but he is in love with you and you need to talk to him” she lowered her voice as she continued, “I am not asking you guys to get back together, I am just saying, talk to him. Say anything, everything. Say nothing, just communicate simply by being present physically. Sometimes that is all we need to get by; the presence of the one person we love. Sometimes, it is all that matters”

And Oyin knew she was not saying no to that, “I would see him, Hadiza”

Hadiza pulled her into a hug, “Thank you” she muttered.


“Why are you going to see Shahid?” He looked at her like she was crazy and like she had uttered a blasphemy.

“He needs me”

“You are telling your boyfriend that the guy you accepted his proposal while you were drunk needs you and you expect him to let you go” he let out a chuckle, “sometimes you are just too freaking cute”

Oyin watched as he made to leave her Office, she knew telling him was not exactly the brightest idea, but she had told him simply because she felt he needed to know.

She was trying to be open about everything she did, hoping it would help her on her slow but steady road to recovery.

“You can come if you feel I’m going there to cheat on you”

He stopped and whirled around almost all at the same time, “What?” the look on his face clearly revealed his shock at her statement

She shrugged, “Come with me. See for yourself that all I am going to do is see someone who needs someone to talk to. He has a girlfriend for Heavens’ sake, so it is something he most definitely won’t mind”

Only then did he look visibly relieved, he hurried back to her and drew her into a very tight embrace, his lips planting kisses all over her face. “Thank you babe” he muttered into her ears.

She smiled, “I’m only trying to make things work”

“I can see that clearly and that is why I am grateful”

“It’s nothing babe, it is all about being honest, open and straightforward henceforth”

“Thank you. I love you”


Shahid looked from Oyin to her boyfriend and then back at his half empty glass of beer.

He resisted the strong urge to throw his head back and laugh at the ridiculousness that was the duo sitting in front of him in the large Bar.

“I’m just here to say Hi really. You know, see if everything is fine and check up on you”

He smirked, “And why wouldn’t everything be fine?” he knew that in all of his life he had never seen this type of situation before. Not in books, not in movies, not even in music videos. But somehow, it was playing out in a Bar he was at, with the woman he was in love with and her boyfriend who thought it was a smart thing to do to follow his girlfriend on what she must have told him was a harmless meeting.

Who in the world followed their girlfriends to see men they were once screwing? The question threatened to push through his mouth but he managed to keep it in his head where he believed it was safe.

Because he knew the moment he uttered the words, then things were going to go down south.

However, he might not be uttering the words but he intended to make them both feel uncomfortable and at least realize that this thing they were doing made no bit of sense.

It didn’t, it wouldn’t even if it were in a Sitcom.

“I missed you though” he said, grabbing the glass in front of him and raising it to his lips while his gaze held hers. He knew his piercing gaze was responsible for how she shifted and eventually, looked away. “Very much”

“You’re seeing someone else, and I am very happy with my boyfriend” she placed a hand on Kolapo’s hand to drive home a point he knew even she didn’t believe.

“I am not in love with her” he was messing with her head but he also meant the words. He had fallen for Oyin and currently, he could not go a day without fighting the thoughts of her off his mind.


“Oyin, you know who I am in love with”

There was a long stretch of silence before her boyfriend said, “I think we should go” he was standing on his feet and pulling her with him before she could say anything.

And as they made their way out of the Bar, Shahid knew deep down that if he tried a little bit harder, he was going to be putting another baby in that woman in no time.

That boyfriend of hers was nothing but a joke.

As he gulped the remaining liquid in the glass in his hand, the thought somehow became more appealing and more enticing so that minutes after he had paid for his drinks and he stepped into the hot air outside, he found himself texting her

You looked beautiful as always this evening. I’d like to see you again, this time without your handbag. PS: You owe me the visit… alone.


Vanessa leaned over and brushed her lips against his forehead.

She’d read somewhere that pregnant women got really horny when they were pregnant but she’d also learnt that it was not all pregnant women when her elder sister got pregnant and fell sick all the time.

However, since she found out she was pregnant, she had been feeling the overwhelming urge to strip Segun naked everywhere in the house and hop on him.

But he would not touch her, not even when she’d purchased a sexy red negligee online and a new pair of panties with garter belt to match.

“Babe, please make love to me” she whispered in his ear, biting it gently while balancing on his legs. If seducing him was not going to work, then saying the words out loud had to.

Bending over, she drew his lower lip in her mouth and then slowly, his upper lip.

“Please. I want you so bad” she was not lying, her moist insides were receipts of that. When he grabbed her hands firmly however, disappointment flushed through her as she realized it was just another day when he did not have the hots for her. “Segun”

He motioned for her to be quiet and in one quick move, deftly unhooked her bra and set her breasts free right in his face. Covering one taut nipple with his mouth, he undid his belt and thrust into her without warning.

She moaned softly, grabbing his head as he went deeper into her, thrusting in and out faster than she’d ever had him, refusing her the opportunity to match his moves.


“Shhh” he said and then put the other nipple in his mouth, sucking her in and leaving her with no words until he poured his seed into her.

“Babe” she held on to him when he climaxed, gently rocking his head so he got himself together. “I need to tell you something”

But they were interrupted by the knock on the door and both of them hurriedly dressed.

“I’d get it, you’re not dressed. Go and get dressed inside” he said as he marched towards the door. When he opened it, his mouth hung open at who he found standing outside it. “Gina” he called and then slowly turned to face Vanessa. She had an uneasy smile on her face.

What the heck was her elder sister doing in his house all the way from the UK?