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“Do you hate him?”

Hate was a strong word and she most certainly did not feel that for him.

“Nope” she replied, her eyes on the cup of steaming coffee on the glass coffee table in front of her. “No I don’t”

She was curled up on the sofa, her eyes fixed on the brown mug containing the coffee she had been offered earlier. “But I don’t like him either” then she quickly added, “At the moment. He is trying to be nice and so I know I will get back to liking him. I just am not there yet”

She raised her eyes to look at the older woman who was the Therapist she was meeting for the second time that week.

She had beautiful brown eyes; they were translucent, making Oyin wonder why hers gleamed like that. She was also extremely beautiful despite her decision to stick to minimal makeup and clothes with bland colors.

It was the second visit to her Office and Oyin had noticed the woman’s seemingly obvious choice for grey.

She wondered if it was a conscious decision or if the store she purchased clothes from only sold in grey.

“You’re letting your mind travel faraway” the older woman said, jolting her back to reality

“Excuse me?”

Her lips widened in a smile and she repeated, “You’re letting your mind travel faraway”

Oyin shook her head immediately but she was also aware that the action was purely reflexive; she actually had let her mind travel far away from that Office on purpose.

“You’re mentally running from this situation”

She lowered her eyes now and returned to staring at the coffee in the mug in front of her, “Everyone thinks I should get my act together. They think I am staying too long in this emotional place”

“Healing takes time sometimes”

Oyin somehow felt the older woman had done some long healing process in the past but she resisted the urge to ask if she had made the statement out of experience.

“Do you love him?”

“I think so”

“When you feel better, do you think you would go back to him?”

Her answer was certain, “Yup”.

And even though she had answered without considering it for a second, she knew the response was entirely based on the fact that she was hurting at the fact that Vanessa was carrying Segun’s baby.


Segun loved babies and it was probably part of the reasons he had sped all the way to the Hospital when he heard one of his closest friends had finally welcomed his first child.

Another reason he had sped all the way was because he knew Oyin was going to be there and he desperately needed to see her.

It had been days since they last spoke and he needed to talk to her. He needed to share his thoughts with her and he needed her to just be there for him during the period he currently was in.

Somehow, he had managed to knock Vanessa up and somehow, he wished he’d been smarter while making decisions where Vanessa was concerned.

His mind traveled back to earlier in the day when he had convinced her to remove the baby.

“Segun, are you crazy?” she’d asked, horrified. Then she had burst into tears, rushing out of the sitting room into the bedroom where she locked herself up the entire day.

He wanted babies, heck, he did not know anyone who loved babies as much as he did but truth was he was not ready to be a father and he was not sure he wanted Vanessa raising his child.

He muttered a curse under his breath as he parked in a secure spot in the Hospital premises; he should have known better than to knock a woman up and now, be looking for a way out.

Oyin was smiling at the newborn when he found the ward they were in.

Ola was sound asleep and her husband was on the phone, making calls quietly.

Segun lingered at the door for a short while, watching Oyin smile at the baby in the cot; until then, he had not been sure he had seen anything more beautiful.

It was a pretty sight, a moment he wanted to freeze so he could always live in it.

Her smile disappeared when she sighted him at the entrance. “Segun” she called casually and looked away.

“Oyin” he began to say but she raised a hand to stop him.

“Please save whatever you’re about to say”

“Oyin please…”

“Segun, I do not want to hear anything you have to say. Besides, today is about a beautiful baby just arriving the world and its parents. Let’s not be selfish and talk about anything else.”

And because at that time, Ola stirred and woke, smiling at her husband, he realized he had to hold his thoughts until he could get Oyin alone.

And he had plans to do so.


He handed her a bottle of water and took a seat near her on the bench leaning against the wall, “Is therapy helping?” he asked

She nodded, “I think so. I feel better with every appointment”

He smiled, squeezed her hands and placed a quick kiss on her cheek. “You don’t know how happy that made me”

She managed a smile, “I’m glad it makes you happy”

He watched her take a drink from the bottle in her hands and then asked, “Are we going to ever get back together, Oyin?” worried that she might get angry at his question he added, “I understand you want to take this one step at a time, I just…”


They both turned and found Segun standing in front of them.

Oyin wondered how he found them; where they were sitting was a place most Patients did not know about and which only medical staff knew about its existence.

“Oyin, I need to talk to you” he said, ignoring Kolapo who eyed him with disdain

“Segun, not today”

His heart sank when she refused to talk to him, but he was going to try harder “Oyin, please I need to talk to you, please”

“I think you should leave the woman be” Kolapo said to him, an icy look accompanying his statement.

But Segun knew better than to reply to Kolapo. Actually, as far as he was concerned, that one did not exist.

“Oyin, it won’t take long”

Oyin sighed, “Okay. Fine”

Segun sighed, relieved that his persistence had paid off but when she refused to stand after a few seconds had passed he said, “Can we go somewhere private…”

Kolapo chuckled, “It’s not rude enough that you came here to interrupt a couple, you’d also drag my woman away from me?”

“With all due respect, I don’t remember her being your woman. That said, I do not want to have this conversation with you. We are not in SS2”

“Actually, he’s right Segun”

Segun frowned, “About which?”

“Me being his woman”

Segun’s heart sank, “Wait, what? Are you kidding? He raped you!”

“I did not rape her…”

“I do remember you raping her and abandoning her to pick the pieces of her life alone you fucktard!”

Oyin stood before the whole situation erupted into something else. “Guys” she said, standing in between Kolapo and Segun. “Stop”

Segun looked at her incredulously, “Come on, babe. This guy is definitely not the one for you”

“And you are?” Oyin asked, causing Kolapo to chuckle behind her. “Go home to your baby mama, Segun. I will call you when I want to talk”

Kolapo, convinced that this was his moment, leaned over for a kiss from Oyin. And when she kissed him back, he knew that for the first time in a long time, he was back in the game and way ahead of Segun.