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“Everyone wants something, really”

INTRODUCING: Ejike “Yellow” Ejike

He slammed his foot on the brake and sent the old bus lurching forward. As expected, his Passengers yelled and cursed, one even had the nerve to stand, knock him twice on the head and then took his seat back.

“Amofia” he yelled and then dodged another knock coming his way

“Do you want to kill us because you want to die? Stupid man” one woman was yelling at the back, hissing, she muttered something in her native language. He did not know what it was she muttered but he knew that it was definitely an insult.

“Leave him, as his Ancestors are calling him he thinks we want to follow him to the great beyond. Oloriburuku”

“Ori gbogbo yin lo baje” he said in Yoruba and then snaked his way through the cars lined up in traffic.

He was not a Yoruba man but his Yoruba language was stronger than his Igbo; except the curse words in Igbo which he was particularly fond of, of course.

“Ori Daddy e baje” he glanced in the mirror and saw a slim light skinned woman whom he guessed was going to be around her early 20s. There was no way that one was allowed to talk to him anyhow.

He could take older people or people who looked older because of the level of poverty they had gone through talking to him rudely but he was not going to take a girl fresh out of her mother’s Uterus, speaking to him like he was her boyfriend.

“Who you dey follow talk?” his eyes were still fixed on her through his rearview mirror. She was clad in a colorful dress and wore makeup so bright, he thought she looked like a pack of crayons.

“You na. Abi eye dey pain you?”

In his years as a professional bus Driver, Yellow had learnt a few things;

  • Lagosians were generally angry people.
  • Lagosians on the Island that took buses were angrier than Lagosians in any other part of the city.
  • Fine girls, like the one that was talking rudely in his bus at the moment, hated confrontations with bus Drivers. They avoided it like the Ebola virus. And most times he purposely used it against them.

“Abeg warn yourself o, I no be like those men wey you dey fuck o”

Normally, they argued a bit after he said that and then, kept quiet but he was soon to learn the hard way that this one was a different breed.

“Of course you’re not like them, you get dick wey dem dey use fuck?”

The Bus roared in laughter when she said that and that fueled his anger.

He’d been trying to actually save their lives when he slammed his foot on the brakes at the Toll where he had been trying to pay for tickets earlier.

They did not know that and they’d reacted the way they did. Mad people. They actually thought he wanted to kill them. Did they think he wanted to die? He was neck deep in debt, his bus in a horrible condition and his wife in labour somewhere in Obalende because he could not pay Hospital bills but he still did not want to die.

So why would they have thought they needed to talk to him like that and that yellow whore he knew had spent a fortune to make her skin bright.

Angry at his life and everything else really, he reached for the volume of his radio; one of the few things that was still in a good condition in his rickety bus and increased the volume.

Olamide’s Shakiti Bobo was on and he was glad for that, it kept him sane for the rest of the journey.



He hated Aunty Martha.

Everyone thought she loved him dearly, like he was hers and like she had carried him in her womb for nine months but he hated her with a passion.

He’d been seven years old when he first met her; she’d been dressed in a shiny white material, gold earrings adorning her ears and a shiny necklace around her neck. Her eyes had held his father’s, looking into it like her life depended on it and he had looked at her back with the same passion with which she gazed upon him.

And because of that, he’d hated her and sworn to hate her for the rest of her life.

“She is like a mother to you” his father had told him many times after he’d been consciously rude to Aunty Martha and he’s simply told the man that his only mother was dead and nobody could be like her to him.

One time, he wished she’d die and leave him and his father alone but she never did and did not even seem like she would.

And now, if she outlived his father, she was going to own all of his wealth and only hand him his share when he was 25.

He rolled his eyes again at the thought. 25. Like what the fuck?

Whose father waited until they were 25 before he handed them their birthright?

Other people’s fathers did shit like that at 21, even in Nollywood, they never allowed their imagination run wild and say 25. Yet, his own father, one of the richest men in Africa had only chosen to hand him his share of his vast wealth at 25.

Interestingly, his father had mentioned his half-sister, Lexy, was getting her own share at 21.

According to him, she was more independent and smarter than him.

Such bullshit, someone was going to have to tell the old man that stupid Lexy was not smarter than him.

She only had enough dosage of Aunty Martha’s wickedness passed into her, that was all.

And because he was not one who waited, he was not going to wait four years to get what was his. He was going to devise a means to get the millions of dollars sitting in a bank account until he was 25 now that he was 21.

And he was going to pin it all on Aunty Martha and Lexy, because he knew somehow, both of them were responsible for his father’s stupidity.

He hated Aunty Martha and he was going to make her pay.


INTRODUCING: Ekanem Bassey

“Ekanem! Shit fuck!”

He was moaning her name as she rode him furiously, his thick firm hands tightly around her waist.

“Tell me I’m better than her” she snapped

“You are better than her. Hundred times, in fact million times better than her”

That did not make her feel any better but it did make her imagine her boss was there watching, while she screwed the life out of her husband.

“Ekanem” he called her name again as she rode faster, driving him crazy with the way she joined their body with each thrust he drove into her.

He moved his hands up her breasts, cupping it and squeezing it as she went faster.

“Ekanem you will be the death of me” he was trying to catch his breath as the words left his mouth. She smiled, she liked it when he was breathless and when he uttered the words that confirmed his addiction to her lady parts.

She was not screwing her boss’ husband right under his nose only because she hated the woman, she was doing it because she wanted to have something he’d keep coming back for, something that would give her an easy pass into his life.

He held her breasts tighter as he climaxed, her name on his lips as his body jerked and then stilled.

She got off him, she had ridden him furiously because of how her day had gone.

First, it had been his wife, her boss who had accused her of stealing some of her recently purchased Kardashian hair products.

“I have heard of people like you stealing things from people like me so you can take it to your wretched salon in the slum you live but trust me, I am going to punish you for things like that” and then she had gone ahead to deduct fifty percent of her salary. And it was not even close to the end of the month. And, if there was anything anyone who worked for Martha Razaq knew, it was that she deducted salary for any reason whatsoever.

One time she deducted someone’s salary for ogling a customer’s boyfriend.

She was that petty and stupid.

Then, she had gone and entered the bus of that stupid bus driver who drove like he had an appointment with death.

And then, the stupid man had thought she was one of those Lekki babes that was taking buses because she hadn’t bought a car yet and tried to embarrass her at the park in Obalende.

She resisted the urge to hiss out loud as she remembered the way she had dug her teeth into his beefy arm when he tried to yank her by her weave.

She was no posh Lagos babe, at least not yet, and everyone needed to know that.

“Stop coming to my house o Alhaji” she said as she checked out her reflection in the mirror with broken edges on her wall.

He had a habit of driving all the way to her house in Yaba just because he could and she did not entirely like the idea.

She knew he came whenever he wanted because he paid the rent but she also knew Martha did not play; she could find out anytime.

He chuckled, “Why? You don’t want your boyfriend to catch me?”

Her boyfriend did not visit without calling because he knew better, “That is not your business, just stop visiting”

“But I paid…”

She stopped him midsentence with a hand, “Na you go first pay rent?”

Hissing, she grabbed her multi colored dress and panties and began to wear each.

The room was neatly arranged but it was also tiny and disarranged.

The bed took all the space and the paint on the wall was peeling. A plastic stool stood near the bed and a small table that was filled with old magazines and cheap makeup sat right in front of it.

She’d worked hard to be where she was but she knew working hard was not paying the bills and she wanted more. Especially since her mother had a terminal illness and someone had to take care of her four siblings.

“Alhaji, I need money”

He was halfway dressed, “How much”


He threw his head back and laughed, “Why would I give you 1 million naira? Is your Pussy gold?”

She nodded slowly, that was painful to hear but she also could not say she did not see it coming.

Why would anyone give her that amount whether they were fucking her or not?

And that was why she had chosen to do the only other thing that had been in her mind for days; rob him blind.

Now, how she was going to do that, she was yet to find out.

She watched him pick his ringing phone and then spat into it, “Yes, Hakeem what is it?”


INTRODUCING: Ajayi Adebambo

Ajayi could not stand rich kids. There were some that were well trained and cool headed, there were some that could not help but be assholes but still managed to be human and then, there was Hakeem Rasaq.

He eyed Hakeem as he shoved his gadgets and books out of the way on his bed and took his place like he bought the room.

“AJ, how far?”

“How far” he replied and returned his gaze to the Laptop in front of him that he was working on.

One of his classmates had given him the Laptop to fix and he was currently trying to do that but since Hakeem burst in through the door, he knew that was going to be hard.

“AJ how far that talk now?” he looked around, stood up and then hurriedly checked the bathroom to see if they were alone and then returned to his bed where he had been previously seated. “You ready?”

There was no way he was going to give in to Hakeem’s highly ludicrous demands, so he said, “Nope” and then he looked up, “Never going to be ready”

The disappointment on Hakeem’s face was expected, “Don’t you want to be rich in your fucking life?” Hakeem asked angrily.

“I want to be rich, I don’t want to steal to be rich”

“We are not stealing”

“Looks to me like we would be”

“Mumu, this guy how does transferring money from my father’s account into some untraceable foreign account sound like stealing? It is my money!”

“guy, you’re four years away from 25 abeg. Just chill” he was becoming irritated. Guys like Hakeem Rasaq were just spoilt, honestly. For instance, he’d been admitted to the school based on scholarship and never in his life had he smelt millions. His parents were civil servants, his father a worker at the Local Government in Oyo state and his mother a Teacher whose salary had not been paid in months.

So honestly, if someone told him to wait four years for millions of dollars, he’d not be this impatient.

“I want that money now…”

“I’m sorry Hakeem, I can’t help you”

Hakeem inhaled sharply, he’d picked out Ajayi because he knew what the guy was capable of. However, he had hoped that as much as the guy resisted, he’d soften up eventually.

But that did not seem to be happening.

And that was why he had resorted to blackmail.

He pulled out his iPhone and showed Ajayi something on the screen, “Not even if I threaten to make this public?”

He watched with a smile as Ajayi’s face slowly took on an horrified look.

“Thought so too”


  • SQUADI: The Originals.

– Tomilola Coco Adeyemo.