Hey lovelies, I am totally working on my next series (which won’t be too long cos I no wan start something I will be going back and forth on) and I am totally psyched about it!

Designed the Art for it this morning and I wanted to drop a Teaser to go with it but I barely slept overnight, had to do some work for TNS and there is no light presently.


Unfortunately, there is no light where I am at; currently at my Uncle’s house somewhere waaaaaay after Ajah, in Cameroon (inside joke between me and my girl, Jolade) lol so I can’t even promise when I’d drop a Teaser.

But since I would be back at mine tomorrow, you’d definitely get it then.

And nah, this does not affect Friendzone HQ.

Shey you people have subscribed, I will be vexing and be dropping posts anyhow on this blog o. So stay woke.

Kilzes 😉