Sugar Daddy chronicles 2

Cherokee raised his head and frowned, a look of displeasure on his face.

“What have you been eating?” He asked and I simply rolled my eyes in response.

Since he arrived, he had buried his head between my smooth pussy while he ran his tongue through my clit gently, his tongue finally making a stop on my opening, all the while groaning and moaning like he was the one being pleasured.

See, here is one thing you need to know about Cherokee, he did the moaning for both of us; moaned when I rode him, moaned when he rode me, moaned when he ate me, moaned when I sucked him and even moaned when I came.

Must be something with old age. mchew.

I suddenly yelled in pain, he’d just bitten my nipples and the pain seared through my entire left boob.

“The fuck?” I cussed and tried to move him off me.

“The next time you give me that attitude with the way you roll your eyes you would get more than that.”

I gaped, the stupid fool totally did it on purpose.

He pinned me to the bed, yanked off the expensive lingerie that had ridden up my ass and as if to prove something to me, tore it and dumped the pieces on the marbled floor.

His business. If he wanted to tear what he spent so much money on, his fucking business.

I suddenly let out a moan, he had suddenly entered me, and he was not giving me much time to wrap both him and the idea around my legs and head respectively.

“Fuck” I said as he moved faster, his cock pushing further into my warm insides.

“Say my name!” He barked the order

“Cherokee” I managed to say, lost in the effect of what he was having on me.Have you ever gotten turned on by someone else and then climaxed for another? You have?

Because in a few minutes that was what happened to me.

I had been turned on by that Lynxx look alike that I employed and I had climaxed for Cherokee.

Ugh, I was going to fuck that Lynxx look alike guy, I was going to really fuck him.