Pregnant woman sillhouette

Dear Nigerians, I think we are just frustrated as fuck.

Or what else is the excuse for being angry at an individual’s decision for making some certain choices in her personal life?

Sophie Momodu just welcomed singer, Davido’s first baby into the world and social media is going crazy at her.

Question is, why? Did Sophie borrow your Vagina? Did she need your ovaries or did she borrow your uterus? Was Davido your boyfriend?

As a young girl growing up in Ibadan, I learnt a few important things about being not just a woman but a respectable one from the women who raised me and the Society as a whole.

They included; dressing in a certain way so that men wouldn’t think you’re a prostitute or cheap, talking in a certain way when “outside”, playing hard to get when a man “is chasing you” even if you clearly like him…

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