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They might not have been lovers for a long time but they were soulmates. And the thing with Soulmates was, you did not have to know the other party for long, you did not have to be their oldest companion, you did not have to have been a part of their lives prior to the time you met them, you would always know things nobody else (even their oldest friends) never knew.

Soulmates clicked instantly and their minds immediately reflected for each other to see. It was always that easy, that simple and yes, that fast.

So when months after their honeymoon, Ayo was the best man to her, took her to everywhere in the world and gave her expensive presents, she knew there was more he was not opening up about.

He was in love with her, he’d said that night when he rescued her from drowning in the Jacuzzi, but he had not said it again since then. He stared at her too long sometimes when he thought she was not watching, smiled deeply in a way she believed bore an underlying emotion and he asked once in a while for her to tell him things about her that he might never find out on his own.

Ife strongly suspected what it was about but because she could not bring herself to the truth, she knew better than to accept it.

It was about her child, her son, the boy she now snuck out of busy studio sessions to see every single day.

The guilt was driving a saw through her heart and she knew that soon, she would crash under the heavy burden it placed upon her heart.

How could she? Couldn’t she have seen that the future would be so perfect? So bright? So beautiful? How could she have left her baby for someone else to take care of.

She strolled into the massive kitchen and met him there. He had given the Chef, a warm woman in her late fifties who had worked in some of the fanciest restaurants and hotels in Lagos, a four month leave with pay because he wanted to be the one to cook for his wife.

And he had been cooking delicious meals for Ife every single day since they got married – most of them made from recipes he got from his mother, who by the way was a regular caller on Ife’s phone, asking how she was feeling.

Days he couldn’t cook, he took her out to lunch, dinner but breakfast, he always made out time to cook by himself.

There was a day he surprised her to a three course meal he had singlehandedly cooked in a friend’s African Kitchen in VI.

It had been the most beautiful surprise Ife had ever gotten and she had fallen head over heels in love with him again.

He smiled at her now as she walked into the kitchen, that smile that made his eyes twinkle, that was so wide it almost became laughter, but was too soundless to be referred to as one.

His eyes dropped to her baby bump and as he always did, placed both hands on her stomach and kissed it.

“There was this soup recipe I found online for pregnant women. It is not a Nigerian dish and I know it might not sit well with you, so I thought to try it first…” he looked so sweet as he continued to speak to her, obviously enjoying the role he was playing in her life and that caused the guilt to overwhelm her.

She couldn’t keep this in anymore. Speak Ife. Say it, damn it!

“I have a son”

He paused mid-sentence, the smile on his face frozen, his expression unreadable.

She avoided his gaze and continued to speak. “I did not remove the baby I got pregnant with when… when… even Abbey doesn’t know. I was scared…” tears had pooled up in her eyes now and her vision was blinded. She paused, looked at him, the tears cascading her pretty face.

Then all of a sudden she began to say everything and anything, revealing everything the way Detoun had told him except the part where she cried for days when her baby was taken away from her.

“I’m so sorry… I’m so sorry…” She was holding on to him now, as if she was scared he would walk away from her and never come back.

But he did not move an inch, didn’t say a word. He just stood there, wrapped his arms around her silently while she sobbed violently.

“And the most downloaded song online this week is, Ife Braimoh’s cover of Trey Songz’ Heart Attack! Listen…”

Ayo increased the volume of the song that was playing on the radio while he drove through the late morning traffic to the gym.

She had recorded the song right after she’d told him of her first child and he had told her softly that he needed a little time – not away from their marriage or from living together but from sleeping together and from doing certain things together.

The pain on her face after he had told her had caused him to hurt and two weeks later, it was still causing him to hurt.

He was insanely and absolutely in love with her – the things he felt were not rational and they made him doubt his sanity and she was his every single day.

He couldn’t understand it and he knew he wouldn’t, even if he tried hard to. Some things were not meant to be understood, things like falling in love.

Who knew the emotion he thought he would never be a victim of because it was for people who didn’t know better, would be what he would never be able to control.

The Traffic light turned Red, he stopped, listening to her strong vocals as it covered a song that revealed how much pain she was in at the moment.

He couldn’t stay away from her anymore but he didn’t know how to return either.

When the light turned green, instead of taking the left turn to his Gym, he decided to make things right by turning to the right.

He was going to see the one person who might help him feel better.

“You have made that girl cry so much I am so angry right now. What in the world is wrong with you? Is this who I raised you to be? I raised you better Ayobami and I am disappointed that you don’t know how to handle things better than this.” Ronke was angry and disappointed. Her words might have reflected that enough but what spoke more than the words was the way with which she said them.

They fell off her mouth in rapid succession, each word of disappointment and anger following each other closely.

“I didn’t know what to do.” And that was the honest truth, he had been clueless.

Detoun had told him about the child before but he had dismissed her not because it did not come as a shock or that it didn’t hurt to know that she hadn’t told him the truth but because he had been scared to think about it.

He had believed that if he thought about it, then he would not see Ife as the sweet innocent angel he had seen her as for years.

That it would hurt him deeply the way nothing ever had.

And another reason he hadn’t done anything was because he did not want to ask her. He wanted her to trust him enough to come forth with the truth, he wanted to know how long it would have taken for her to trust the man that was undeniably in love with her.

It had taken her four months, months in which he had fallen more for her and during which he had come to realize that no matter what happened, he was never letting her go.

“I was confused. And I did not know how it would feel to share more than friendship with one of my best friends… we would be sharing a son…”

“A woman.” Ronke provided the final reason he had been scared to think about the situation since he found out.

She stared him in the eye as if challenging him to deny.

He dared not. “Yes.”

“They happened a while ago.”

“I know.”

“And unfortunately you happen to know him.”

“He is one of my best friends, mom.”

“And so?”

She was not going to make this easy, he could see. The woman had fallen in love with his wife almost as much as he had – nobody could fall for Ife the way he had, nobody. It was that serious, he knew.

“So because you know one of her exes, it makes it impossible abi?”

He was going to say something but when his mother continued, he couldn’t even remember what he wanted to say. She left him no chance.

“You wouldn’t love someone the way you should and the way you know you desperately want to because she had a meaningless past with your philandering best friend?” the incredulous look on her face told him how stupid she thought he was.

“I have never heard the excitement in your voice whenever you call for a recipe to make food for her, I have never seen you so happy to be around someone, I have never seen you laugh so much around anybody and yet, because of a child she had with your friend, you would throw all of that away?” She hissed, “Joo ma di omo ale mo mi lowo. Your birth mother would haunt me from Heaven if I let that happen. And nobody likes a ghost on their trail.”

He made to talk but she stopped him with a hand.

“Go and look for your wife and say everything you have to say to her. I am not your wife, leave my house.”

And like an obedient son, he took his leave.

Ronke watched her son leave and she smiled, her dreams had finally come true for him. He had finally found the type of love she had been worried he’d never find.

And there was no way she was going to let him ruin it with his own hands.

She thought about one other person who might want to ruin the perfect picture she so much loved and reached for her phone.

She would deal with that one herself.

Amanda had offered to drive Ife to the Hospital when the latter had called and now as they finished with Ife’s appointment, she told her, “He would come around. He loves you.”

Ife shrugged, she was not sure anymore. Her husband was probably working on divorce papers as they spoke. But whatever happened, she would accept it.

The life she had was already too good to be true anyway.

They made it to her car and that was when she spotted his tall frame.

He was standing there, staring at her, that smile she so loved on his face.

Amanda giggled, “Told you he would come around.”

Ife glanced at her best friend, as usual, Amanda had planned this with Ayo.

What would she do with these two in her life?

“Hey babe, I came to tell you that I love you.” He said and kissed her. Then he pulled her away to his G Wagon which was parked a few feet away.

Amanda knew what to do, she would drive Ife’s car while Ayo drove his wife in his own car.

Their plan to take care of Ife’s son had been easy but the execution had been really hard.

The baby’s foster mother had been reluctant to allow them be a part of the child’s life. She did not want them to come and take him away from her after so many years.

But Ayo and Abbey had handled it well, the child would be with her and only spend holidays with Ife and Abbey would get to see him too.

The boy, Enitan, had been hostile at the beginning because he was overwhelmed with everything happening around him but the morning his baby sister, Zoe, was born in a Hospital in Beverly Hills, he’d smiled widely and had called an emotional Ife, mommy, for the first time.

It was everything for her, she had the best man in the world, her son was going to love her and his sister and they would all take life one step at a time.

That for her was the greatest love story ever.

When Ronke had picked up her phone to dial months before, it had been to keep Detoun away from ruining a perfect picture for her.

And it had worked.

One of her childhood friends, a woman who had just a son like she did and who she had lost contact with until recently had been the one she called.

She had told her to do something for her, tell her son, Muyiwa, to come over to hers later that evening. She had a great plan.

And when Detoun had come to her house to talk, Muyiwa had come on an “errand” from his mother.
Ronke had excused herself to “receive a long call from Dubai” and had left them alone.

And months later, Detoun and Muyiwa seemed to have a connection stronger than they expected.

So when her childhood friend called and asked, “Do you think we should expect a wedding soon?”
She’d answered, “I don’t know o but this thing I am seeing? It would go a long way.”

And they had laughed, then returned to gossiping.