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“I will be making you my second wife, next to Kicks because as you very well know, she got stupidly knocked up first. You both will live in one of my Mansions while you fight for everything I own and my attention. We would see who survives first and who will be getting my love. Consider this Ultimate Search, except this is not sponsored by Gulder.”

Kicks sent a chilling look her way, a cold look she could see through. Beneath it was a lot of hate and evil, evil she was certain was meant for her and her unborn child.

She shivered, she could not win this war. Her enemy was going to leave her no chance. How did she get here?


Someone was calling her name and it was outside the vast sitting area, her eyes darted to the entrance, maybe that was her ticket out of this place that reeked so much of evil.

She could perceive the strong smell of spices too. Great! The person brought her something that smelt like it had plenty pepper.

She had been craving much of that since she realized she was pregnant three weeks before.


It was Amanda. She heaved a sigh of relief, there was a friend on the other side.

Suddenly, she saw Kicks moving towards her menacingly. She had to get out before she got to her with what she was certain was not good intent.

She got up and ran out of the door, into sheer blackness.

“Are you okay?”

She sat up in bed immediately her eyes flew open. She was having the same type of dream third day in a row.

Amanda was sitting near her, a large tray containing a steaming bowl of cowleg pepper soup, a tall glass of cold Chapman and a plate of watermelon was lying near them on a stool.

“Same dream?” Amanda asked and Ife nodded, wiping off the bead of sweat that had formed on her forehead. “You should eat.” She added and pointed to the tray of food she had brought in some minutes earlier.

“I’m not hungry.”

“This helps keep your nausea away just in case you have forgotten.”

Ife eyed Amanda, she was still mad at her. Ife knew it was only fair for her to be, she would be too if Amanda took silly decisions that could ruin her career and potentially thrust her back into the life she had worked so hard to leave.

“Do you still have that your Doctor friend’s number?” Ife asked as she strolled into the bathroom.

“Yes. Why?”

“I’m getting an abortion.” she replied and shut the door behind her.


“Do not!” She shrugged his hands off her body and stepped away from him. Disgust had slowly crept up on her face and she looked like she would throw up on him any minute. “You knocked Kicks’ up? How could you even…” she sighed and stepped farther away from him.

She was struggling to take in the news but the more she tried, the harder it became. “It’s Kicks, you idiot! You’re not supposed to knock someone like that up!”

Ayo nodded. He knew that for a fact but he had made a mistake and he was going to take care of his responsibility.

He always paid for his sins, always did the right thing and the right thing was what he was going to do in the Kicks situation.

“And now you want to marry her.” He heard the hurt in her voice before he heard the words she spoke. She was pained and he wished he could do something about it but he couldn’t. At this point, things had gotten out of hands.

“She’s carrying my kid, I don’t think Kicks is a fit mother.”

“Yet you got her pregnant.” Detoun snapped. She slumped into a seat opposite Ayo and folded her arms, her gold bangles making a noise as they gently clinked each other. “I have sacrificed my whole life for you, Ayobami. I did not even realize that until I learnt you had knocked that prostitute up. But immediately I heard, I reevaluated my life and I realized I had lost a huge part of it hoping things would work between us again.”

“I’m sorry, Detoun.” And he was genuinely apologetic. He wished there was something else he could say or do asides gazing awkwardly and offering apologies but from where he stood, nothing more could be done.

Of course he knew how much mess he was buried in.

He had not started his adult life hoping to make someone like Kicks the mother of his first child. He had plans and even though falling hopelessly in love had never been a part of it, being a responsible Dad had been.

His father had raised him well and was responsible for the man he had become so he was going to raise his own children well too. Even if it had to involve marrying a controversial award winning artiste.

“You can’t marry her, Ayo.” Detoun said, stood and joined him where he was standing. “You cannot marry that woman just because you got her pregnant. This was a mistake, don’t make more mistakes by committing your entire life to her.”

He could see the truth in what she was saying but he also knew Kicks would not let him have a part in that Child’s life if he didn’t make some sort of commitment. She had not told him that in clear terms, but she had dropped sublte hints every day for the past weeks.

“I want a place in my Child’s life.”

“You don’t have to marry the mother to have that. You deserve it. The child is yours too.” when she realized he did not seem to be changing his mind, she added “Ayo you are smarter than this and you know marriage isn’t the way out.”


“There are no buts here my darling. I would not let you do this to yourself and to me. You know people. Call one of them and dig up all the dirt you can on this person. I am sure you won’t dig far before you find one, this is Kicks after all. And that is all you need to keep your child away from this very unfit mother.” She’d made her point and she knew he would take it into consideration. Nobody knew Ayo the way she did. He was a man who was softer on the inside than he chose to admit and he might not believe in love but he made a lot of emotional decisions.

It was the reason he had been taken for granted in the past.

“Think about it. Call Abbey, he would know what to do. I have a meeting to attend now. I would see you later.” As much as her heart ached because of Kicks’ pregnancy, she still wanted him to hold her and so when he pulled her close for a long warm embrace, she allowed it and kissed him on the forehead when it was done.

“Do something, babe.” She said finally before she stepped out of the Office.

She dropped the now empty plates into the sink and turned on the tap. She had barely reached for the dishwashing liquid when Amanda strolled into the kitchen with a new pack of bottled water that she’d retrieved from the store.

They both dedicated a little too much time to the tasks at hand, each having words for each other but none willing to speak.

Ife rinsed her plates and made for the entrance. “Thanks for breakfast.”

“You’re welcome.” Amanda replied simply.

The pack in her hands gave way and the remaining bottles fell. Ife reached for them and helped her with it. “Thanks.” Amanda muttered.

“You’re welcome.” Ife answered.

Amanda shut the fridge. “I don’t think you should abort the baby.”

Ife smiled and proceeded out of the Kitchen.

Amanda followed her immediately, “This would be the second one, Ife. Is this what you want to do with the rest of your life? Remove the babies because they are in the way of your life? They didn’t ask to come, you know.”

“I didn’t ask for them either.” Ife replied. Amanda blocked her way by stepping right in front of her.

“Oh you did.”

“I didn’t. I’m sorry Saint Amanda but I didn’t. I had unsafe sex which I will admit was stupid but I wasn’t asking for a kid when I did it. Your world might be in black and white but mine has shades of grey.”

Amanda rolled her eyes, “What point are you even making? It does not make sense.”

Ife was angry now, “Neither are you, Mandy! If I get pregnant because of something I did it shouldn’t be a punishment! Being a mom shouldn’t be a punishment, if I am not ready for this child I won’t have it and I don’t care what you say or think.” She moved past her best friend but she was cornered again.

“Didn’t you feel bad for aborting the first child you got pregnant with?” Amanda asked and watched the brief pain that flashed through Ife’s face. “Tell Ayo you’re pregnant with his child and have him take part responsibility. Don’t run away from being responsble because I know that is what this is about.”

Ife nodded, walked past Amanda and headed towards her bedroom but she paused just before she entered and returned to her best friend, “No, this is not about responsibility. This is about fear, overwhelming fear. Fear of what Ayo would do if he finds out, fear of what I would do, fear of hurt, of pain, fear of not being a good role model to my child, fear of breaking down when my strength fails.” she paused when she realized she was going to cry. “Fear of falling hopelessly and insanely in love with the father of my child.” then when the tears began to flow because she had finally let out the reality she had been afraid to face, she added, “You wanted me to sleep with this man but when the first shocking thing happens, you heap all the blame on me. Like you wouldn’t have been the Ho that I was too if this were you.” and after that, she ran off into the room.

“She has been a constant in Demo’s house for a while now. I don’t know what that means but it might mean something very serious and that might concern us.” Abiola said to Ayo during Indusry night later in the week.

Ayo had a grim look on his face but he nodded when Abiola updated him on the information they had on Kicks so far.

“I am expecting a call from him, I’m sure he would have something more concrete by then.”

“Thanks Abbey.” Ayo said quietly, his attention returning to the performance area. One of the reasons he did not like to dig things up on people was because there were things he really liked not to know about.

Hiring a Private Investigator usually meant getting what he wanted plus other private information that should normally be none of his business.

But this was a clear case of having to deal with mud when you asked for rain.

He needed answers and he would only get them if he dug hard and digging hard included getting his hands dirty, very dirty.

His phone beeped, it was a text message. He was about to read when Abbey tapped him, “He’s here.”

They both exited through a less used entrance, crossed through a short passage and entered a small office owned by the man that ran the club that was hosting the Industry night and that was good friends with Ayo and Abiola.

The Private Investigator was waiting for them when they strolled in. Ayo shut the door behind them and leaned on the wall, he wanted information and he wanted it fast. What was it he could learn about Kicks that the public didn’t already know and that he could use against her so she wouldn’t raise his child in her dysfunctional life.

“What do you have for us, Mike?” Abiola asked settling into a seat opposite the Private Investigator.

“A lot. But in a nutshell, Kicks’ baby is Demola’s.” He raised his head and looked at Ayo. “Not yours.”

Ayo knew what he felt was relief but first he had to be certain the man knew what he was talking about. “And you know this how?”

“I have my way. This is my job.”

“And I am expecting details.”

Mike looked like he was not ready to divulge more information. He liked his clients to see him as a miracle worker, not try to deduce how he got work done. That shouldn’t be their business.

“Speak, Mike. The man asked for details.” Abiola said and he decided he would say a little and leave. He was not going to give them a detailed information on how he did his job.

“One of the domestic staff in Demola’s house is a friend’s ex. I talked her into getting me details of what they discuss when Kicks comes over to visit and she got me a recording.” He had paid her handsomely too and she had been smart about it.

“Impressive. Give me the recording.” Ayo said and Mike handed it over to him with intimate pictures of Kicks and Demola.

“Expect your balance before the night is over.”

Abiola knew how angry his friend would be and he knew there was nobody who dared stay in his way so he watched him leave silently, faced Mike and handed him a cash of ten thousand naira. “That’s for a job well done. Keep it up, Mike.” then he left.

Demola Dabo still hadn’t learned not to mess with Ayo, tonight was the night he would be schooled and Abiola almost burst out laughing at the image he tried to imagine in his head of Ayo dealing with him.

Demola was an arrogant bastard he had never really liked and he was amused to know he would be dealt with.

Ayo had barely had time to read the text before Abiola announced Mike’s presence and as he stepped into the light drizzle outside the noisy club, he finally read through.

It was a message from Amanda and it was simple and straight to the point: Ife is pregnant. – Amanda.

“How dare you,Ife? After all the things you’ve done to me in the past, you want to add removing my baby to it. Are you out of your mind?” He asked the moment the driver he had sent to pick her up dropped her at his.

“Ayo, I don’t want to be a part of your life right now. It is too complicated for me. And I also do not want you to think I did this to be in your life.”

He burst out laughing, “I can see you still don’t think much of me.” He got rid of the smile and said sternly, “I am not like any of the men you have been with in the past. I understand there are not too many good men in the Ghetto but this is not the Ghetto and I am not like your boyfriends. You’re having that child.”

She eyed him and stood, “I am not going to be told what to do.”

He shrugged. “Ok then. But I am powerful and you might not allow me to tell you what to do but there are a thousand and one people in this city that would allow me. So that baby in you is going nowhere.”

The housekeeper announced the arrival of Kicks and Ife shuddered.

Kicks stepped in, “How dare you Ayo? You think you can just do this because…”

But Ayo was not listening, he was making a quiet call.

Two hefty men appeared in seconds and Ayo said to them, “Escort the lady out of the premises.” he said gently much to Ife and Kicks’ astonishment.

When Kicks was gone, Ayo faced Ife. “You’re going to be Mrs Balogun. Fight it all you want but that is what will happen.”

Ife folded her arms stubbornly. “You would have to literally drag me to the altar” she said.

“So be it” He replied.