The cold breeze blew her skirt up and she struggled for a few seconds with it before she cold hold down the light lacy skirt.

She smiled, slightly embarrassed by the little show the breeze had put up for her companion right there, on his porch, in his beach house.

Her hands reached for the glass of vodka near her on the stool. But his got to it first, he grabbed it and placed it on the floor near him.

“You’ve had enough of that.” Demola muttered, his fingers tucking in a stubborn strand of hair that kept moving around her perfectly made up face.

She was a sight to behold in a black crop top and maxi lacy skirt with a slit that run up to her recently waxed thighs.

“I know.” She said, then reached for the glass again. “But I want more.” She was tired of men telling her what to do and when to do what.

Ayobami had savagely made love to her the night before as if she was one of his whores. He had touched her like she did not matter to him, like he was angry about something.

And that and the little display with Kicks had further sent her on the edge. She was mad. Mad at him for knocking Kicks up and for touching her like that, mad at him for acting like she was not there and mad at him for not realizing she needed to talk to him.

But mad as she was about everything and nothing, Ife knew she wanted last night to happen again.

She wanted more of him inside of her and the more she thought about it, the more the want for him grew.

“I think you need to go home.” Demola said quietly and gently guided her out of the house and towards his fancy car.

“You’re in a bad mood and I don’t want that. I want you around when you won’t turn alcohol to water and when you would be ready to talk to me.”

She shrugged, the alcohol had slowly begun to take its toll on her. “Take me to the studio.” she said to him and shut the door.

And he did just that.

“You’re hanging with Demola? Do you even know what the heck you’re doing? Do you know anything at all?” He yelled at her, trying to quell the rage that was threatening to burst out.

“You hang around with Kicks, I don’t complain. This is none of your business.” She snapped and made to shut the door to her house.

“You are trying to make me jealous?”

Ife scoffed, the nerve of the man. They had not spoken since he rode her like an animal two weeks before, now he showed up at her door because he had heard news that she constantly hung around Demola Dabo.

“I don’t care enough about you to make you jealous.”

He smirked, “You do care, you just don’t care enough.”

She paused, trying to understand how he went from being mad to finding something she said funny. How could she ever understand the man.

He pulled her close and hugged her tight. “I missed you.”

She shoved him off her, “Oh please.”

“I don’t expect you to believe that but I do.”

“Yet you treated me that way the night we had sex? You got on top of me like I was a whore and fucked me like it didn’t matter.”

“Sex with you always matters, Ife. It is different.”

She hissed, “Of course it is.”

“I was mad, Ife. I had spent a lot of time trying to convince you of how sorry I was about your father but you wouldn’t even see how genuine my apology was. It was why I went to the States with Kicks, it was why I was like that to you.”

She could see the sincerity of his words as she looked into his eyes. She looked away, realizing that he had gotten Kicks pregnant because he wanted to be away from her, because she did push him away.

Regret and bitterness flooded through her, somehow her actions had caused a disastrous chain reaction. Now, she had somehow pushed him into the hands of another woman because of her anger.

The man she knew she was falling in love with was now someone else’s, someone she couldn’t battle and win in a thousand years.

The strong scent of his cologne invaded her senses as he leaned closer, he placed tender kisses behind her ears, causing her to shiver in excitement.

Her whole body came alive with his touch, his tongue parting her lips and inviting her into a warm passionate kiss made her wet inside. He was going to be the death of her.

“Can I come in?” He asked when he stopped kissing her. His hands had somehow found her boobs now and her common sense was nowhere around.

“Yes.” She said and led him into her bedroom.

Demola Dabo was more than what a lot of people saw – he was a risk taker, a go getter and he was gay.

Because of the type of family he belonged to, he had been taken to several Pastors and therapists when his family first suspected and they did not stop because they believed a divine intervention would change his sexual orientation.
Demola had also fought a battle with himself, one he never won.

However, even though he was gay, he never acted on it. In fact, he never really felt attracted to anyone until his fifteenth birthday.

His old friends had come over to his father’s club to party with him that evening, there had been booze even though they were not legal and many girls even though most of them still had lousy sex.

Mason had brought two of his closest friends, Abiola and Ayo.

Immediately Demola saw Ayo, he felt something he had not felt in years – love.

He was head over heels and wherever Ayo was, he wanted to be there.

Ayo had seen it as harmless friendship and they had struck it off as good friends immediately.

However, a few trips to Ayo’s father’s house had changed everything.

One day while they played Play Station, Demola had slowly slid his hand towards Ayo’s boxers.

Ayo had been enraged and had thrown Demola out of the house.

Embarrassed and deeply hurt, Demola had never gotten over that.

He had felt Ayo loved him for real but that was not the case.

And their relationship had been civil since then but they barely spoke.

However, Demola found the initial romantic feeling he felt for his friend slowly becoming bitterness and hatred.

And so he couldn’t stand Ayo, his business moves, his girlfriends and everything that was associated with him.

At least that was the case until Kicks.

Sex with Kicks had been everything he had never witnessed and with her, he could take it to whatever level he wanted. She gave in to everything he needed.

She always did and she had again on that night in Ayo’s house while he was away on a business trip and she was lonely.

He had taken her out, had returned her to the condo and had slept with her before he left.

He looked up now as Kicks crossed over to where he was in his office.

“That child is mine isn’t it?” He asked

“No.” She said firmly.

“So why do I have a feeling that you’re lying?”

“I am not lying, the child is not yours and I am here for something that has nothing to do with my pregnancy.” She snapped.

“You like that girl don’t you?”

Demola frowned, “What girl?”


He nodded. He did not have any romantic feeling towards Ife but he loved her music and loved her mind and did not mind having her on his arm for a few months so the media would shut up about the most recent rumour about him sleeping with a popular male artiste.

But what did how he felt towards her have anything to do with Kicks? He knew Kike Kicks and he knew she was up to something. He could smell that from faraway.

“I would not be your pawn, Kicks.” He said and returned his attention to the laptop in front of him. “And you better tell the truth regarding the paternity of that child. I am not playing.”

Kicks ignored him.

He had been a constant in her bed and they had spent the last one month in each other’s company as much as they could.

She was constantly getting drawn to him and she was starting to see everything through his eyes.

She was happy.

“This one you’re smiling like an idiot, what’s going on?” Amanda asked as Ife strolled into the kitchen and headed towards the fridge.

“I am about to make us breakfast, be happy too.”

“Yaay” Amanda said weakly and returned her attention to the phone in her hand.

The moment she opened the fridge, she felt sick to her stomach, She turned to Amanda, “Is something smelling somehow to you?”


Her hands flew to her mouth as she felt the food from the day before rising to her throat. “I’m going to throw up.” she announced before she dashed out of the kitchen and into the nearest toilet.

See you guys on Friday.