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“You won’t do anything that stupid. I won’t let you.” Amanda said the words as she reached for the remote and changed the station.

“He might have killed Lanre.”

“He told you that he didn’t.”

Ife was frustrated at her friend’s stubborn refusal to see things the way she thought was clear enough. “Why should I believe him? He is clearly capable of a lot of shady things.”

Amanda turned to face her friend, an impatient look on her face, “He gave you this life for free and now you want to throw him in jail for gratitude?”

“But he is a bad person!”

“And so are you! And me! And everyone else that is not Jesus Christ!”

Ife paused, gaped at her friend in shock. “Lanre was your friend, Mandy.”

“Yes he was. But Lanre also got himself involved in this mess. It is what he did, it is who he was – a criminal, someone who got himself involved in shady deals. You know your boyfriend’s gang, Ife and you know that they would have killed before.

So don’t sit there and try to throw Ayo in jail because he is the first person to have admitted to his wrongdoing.”

She picked the bottle of brandy lying near her on the sofa she was sprawled on and placed it near Ife, “You would need this.” then she increased the volume of the TV and listened to Wendy Williams on BET.

He was not big on Valentines Day or any other day that celebrated love and romance. During Christmas, he was not one to send expensive gifts in large boxes tied with red and green ribbons to loved ones, neither was he the one to make long calls to tell his partner how much he missed them.

And that was the sole reason nobody close to him was receiving gifts that morning. That and two other reasons – He was overridden with guilt regarding Lanre’s murder, and he was in utmost shock hours after learning of a past he had no idea existed between his best friend and his newest act.

Swigging the can of cold beer in front of him with one hand, he reached for his iPhone with the other.

He had contemplated calling Abiola many times the night before but just like last night, he was not certain it was a reasonable move.

Abiola would tell him it was nothing, that was why he never mentioned it. Then he would go ahead and ask why Ayo was bothered. And Ayo knew he would say he was just curious but somehow, he knew that would not be the hundred percent truth.

He felt a certain emotion he couldn’t place a name to and which made him uncomfortable.

The buzz of his doorbell jarred him, interrupting his thoughts. He cussed silently and made a mental note to tell his housekeeper to remind him of the need to discard the doorbell later.

Nobody used doorbells anymore.

People were now more creative with the way they wanted their doors to be knocked. He should know that, he was a creative. But again, these days he knew nothing about himself – foreign emotions sprung from nowhere, he was happy playing guardian to a young girl who he ordinarily wouldn’t mess with and he could not shake off an irritating man from his past.

Her strong feminine cologne, the one that invaded his senses announced her presence before she spoke any words.

By the time he looked up, he knew who she was.

Detoun was dressed in a red trench coat and ankle length boots. Her hair was pulled up in a tight bun and she looked very pretty with smoky eyes and shiny red lipstick.

She winked, sashayed to where he was sitting and trailed his forehead down to his chin with soft kisses.

“Happy Valentines Day, boyfriend.”

He chuckled. She knew his thoughts about the day, yet she came dressed and called him boyfriend. That was Detoun, she did things because she wanted to not because anybody wanted her to. That had always endeared him to her.

“I figured since you’re such a saddist these days, we can just sit in together and have a lot of sex and then get drunk” Her eyes fell on the can of drink in his hand and she added, “Looks like you’re doing one of the things planned already.”

She snatched the Can from him and took a long gulp. Then she tossed the empty can on the table.

“Shall we proceed to other things then?” She began to undo her coat, which Ayo realized was the only thing she had on.
She stood and removed the jacket, revealing a pair of red and black lingerie.

He smiled. He was not moved, neither was he turned on in any way by the sexy sight in front of him.

It was confirmed, something was officially wrong with him.

His iPhone came alive in his hands, he had a call. It was Ife.


“I want to see you now. Asiri. Don’t be late.”

Relief washed through him. He did not know if it was because he had been worried she would never talk to him again or because he felt terribly guilty for what he had done to her or because he just got an escape route away from the seductive woman in front of him that he knew he suddenly wasn’t attracted to anymore.

But he knew he was very relieved.

“I have to go out.” He said, stood up immediately and made to leave. He missed the disappointment on Detoun’s face as he disappeared through the stairs into his bedroom.

She stood there minutes after he had left, lost in deep thought and determined to find out what had suddenly happened to the man she knew.

He had hurriedly washed in record time, made a stopover at a popular upscale fashion boutique owned by a celebrity friend, grabbed two overpriced dresses and an expensive human hair extension that his friend had convinced him would be loved by the woman he was buying for, and then drove over to Asiri.

She was sitting alone at her table, looking forlorn in a black dress and red stilettos, her full lips painted a dark shade of purple lipstick.

The bohemian Afro was gone and it was now replaced by two large cornrows that rode all the way to her waist. It suited her and he had to admit, it accentuated her facial features and made her beautiful. More beautiful than he had ever seen.

It seemed to him that the more style and fashion decisions she took, the more beautiful she became.

He admitted to himself that he was waiting for more fashion and style choices from her. Anita was doing a good job alright.

Reflexively, he glanced at the gift bag in his hand and wondered how the 80,000 naira hair would look on her when she fixed it.

Westlife’s Tonight started to play and a smile spread across her face as she recognized the song, she closed her eyes the way he had seen her whenever she performed favorites of hers.

Then she began to hum along.

Transfixed, he stood there, watching her sing and watching himself get lost in her world.

He had to admit, she intrigued him and he was attracted to her. The ordinariness that was her, the simplicity that she possessed, the power she had and that she was not aware she owned.

He tried to reach for his phone so he could record the moment, the moment the few other people in the bar were already lost and enthralled in.

But he did not find it in his pocket and that was when he realized he had forgotten it in his sitting room the moment she called.

Detoun was not the woman she was about to become. She was the woman who made rational decisions, the woman who understood what privacy meant and the woman who did not resort to desperate measures to fix situaations no matter how bad they were.

But Ayo in the past weeks had changed and he was causing her to change too. She was slowly becoming frustrated, exhausted and spent out.

The way he had abandoned her, rushed to his bedroom to leave the house without a simple explanation was the last straw.

And she had been pained, hurt, humiliated.

So now as she sat on his couch, near his phone, she was tempted to know the reason he had rushed out like a man on a chase.

She reached for the phone again, pausing mid air, hesitating for the third time. Then, finally, she closed her eyes tightly and grabbed it.

She punched in his password and scrolled through his phone log.

And there was the answer to her question, the call had come from Ife. Anger and jealousy spread through her immediately, what could have been so serious, so urgent Ayo would abandon her to go see Ife?

It did not make sense to her. Something was wrong. And because Ife had come on board as an artiste in Gidi Music under questionable circumstances, Ayo had gone out of his way to protect her numerous times and now this, she knew it was time she did more than ask questions she knew Ayo would never provide answers to.

An email notification had popped up on his screen, refusing to listen to the voice of reason she clicked on it.

He had just purchased gifts items from Folake Brown’s boutique in Victoria Island. Folake only sold feminine things.
Had Ayo gone there to buy things for Ife? Did he abandon her in his house when she was horny, with a desperate need for him while he went to cater for Ife?

He did not even believe in Valentines Day and rarely purchased gifts for anyone.

She was livid. There was just one way to find out if she was right though.

She grabbed her phone and scrolled through her Phonebook, she dialed Folake’s number. It rang, Folake picked immediately.

“This one you and your boyfriend have my time today, what is going on?” Folake asked lightly in that tone that said she was open for gossip.

Detoun liked that, it meant she was ready for gist. “You’re not serious, Folake.” She laughed. “Abeg, I am bored and I want to go for pedicure at Scrubs and Clean. Do you want to tag along?”

“Before nko? How are we hooking up?”

“I will come and pick you. Give me five minutes.”

Then she grabbed Ayo’s phone. If there were more secrets, she wanted to get them first. Enough of the lies.

As usual, she was lost in the performance she was giving until she suddenly became aware of being watched.

She smiled shyly at the people who gave her an ovation and the few who recognized her from Jamal’s Instagram and the duet with Jesse Jagz.

Her eyes found Ayo’s at the door, their gazes locked for a second, then she looked away.

Something had happened when her eyes met his, it was not usual, it was not natural. It felt like chemistry, some sort of chemical reaction. It felt like his body was pulling hers… it all did not make sense.

He placed the gift bag on the table and said, “Please don’t say no. Please.”

She decided she wouldn’t, then continued, “I would let last night go.”

He was relieved but he felt something more was coming.

“On one condition though…”

He had been right, there was more. He waited for it.

“I want you to be hundred percent truthful with me. Tell me everything that happened between you and Lanre and how my Uncle is involved in this shit.”

That was going to be hard for him but he was willing to do it. He was going to divulge everything about his business with Lanre but she was not the only one who had conditions. He did too.

He smirked, “Deal.”

She relaxed, she hadn’t expected him to give in that easy.

“But I have a condition too.”

She frowned.

“You would tell me everything, not leaving out a detail, of what happened between you and Abiola and how long ago it was.”

She swallowed hard. This was not going to be easy.