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He found her in the sitting room, curled up on the sofa, ears covered with headphones while she sang Ed Sheeran’s Thinking Out Loud.

Her eyes were shut, her being lost in the song she was singing from the depth of her soul.

Noiselessly settling into a seat opposite her, he quietly watched while she lost him in the performance she was not aware she was giving.

He enjoyed watching her like that – eyes closed, oblivious to the world around her, drowned in the sea of emotions the song offered while she performed in a voice that threatened to draw anyone in without warning.

He pulled out his phone and recorded her before she drew the song to an end.

Her eyes fluttered open and she gasped in mild shock when she found him sitting opposite her, his phone focused on her.

“Hi.” He said and paused the recording.

“I am putting this on my Instagram page.” He glanced at her, “Are you on Instagram?”

Amanda had opened an account for her where she currently had just a thousand followers, followers she had gained courtesy of Jamal’s announcement to the world.


“What’s your handle?”


He uploaded the video in a few seconds and captioned it, then he returned his attention to her.

She avoided his gaze, fiddling with her headphone, the cord, her phone, the hem of her dress and eventually, her hair.

That kiss had changed a lot of things, she could not look at him the same way again without melting on the inside.

It had somehow opened the door to what threatened to be an insatiable need and want for him.

What was more was, she felt drawn to him and it took a lot not to ask him to hold her, touch her and kiss her again.

“I want to kiss you again.” He said to her. “I don’t know why, but I honestly cannot help it.”

“I don’t think you should be kissing me.” She replied and he chuckled in response.

He liked that she thought differently. Now, that was what he was talking about.

“Why? I liked the first time.”

She shrugged, she liked it too but she knew things would escalate into a situation beyond her if she continued.

Someone like Ayo Balogun was easy to fall for and he was also going to break her heart and that was a gamble she was not willing to take.

“Come.” He said to her and she obeyed, crossing the little space between them and sitting near him on the couch he was on.

“I wish I could stop being an agbaya with you but trust me, I cannot help it.”

“So you want to sleep with me.”

He smirked, “I have not exactly decided that yet. But I want to kiss you silly.”

“I won’t say No.” She looked at him when she said the words and he saw the truth in the words reflected in her eyes.

“Do you close your eyes while making love?”

He wanted to know if he could see what she was thinking while he stripped her of her clothes, bathed in the warmth of both their bodies and worshipped her with his tongue, his hands, his body…

He wanted to know if her eyes would speak words that her lips wouldn’t utter, he wanted to know if he could get the password into her soul and invade the privacy that was her mind.

Lovemaking to him was not shallow or entirely based on orgasms, it was two bodies, two minds and two hearts coming together to know each other the way only intimacy could allow.

It was two people allowing their attraction for each other to be fueled by the overwhelming passion they shared.

“Yes.” She replied his question.

He drew her closer to him until there was barely room left for her to breathe, “I would like to see through you while I make love to you. Promise me you won’t close your eyes when it happens.”

She did not know what to say and in all honesty, she did not have anything to say.

Words had eluded her and her senses had vacated her.

The spaces they used to fill were now occupied by a strong force which pulled this man closer, emotions which betrayed her and nudged her to throw her hands around him.

He kissed her, slowly at first because he assumed she was soft, innocent and fragile and he did not want to rush through anything but when the passion became fueled and threatened to consume them both, he went at it ravenously.

There had to be something about this woman that undid him this way and damn anything and anybody who expected him not to find out.

He was going to find out, nothing was stopping him.

He lifted her off the space near him and balanced her on his thighs, then he unzipped the short dress she was wearing, revealing a set of smooth boobs firmly held in place by a bra.

He gaped at what he saw, they were a big round pair that caused an immediate bulge in his sokoto.

He buried his head inside them immediately, his nostrils inhaling the faint smell of feminine cologne and his hands roaming through them and then subsequently unhooking the bra that held them in place.

They fell when the obstacle that was the bra had been removed.

They did not fall so low they sagged but they fell right into his face, the place he aimed for them to be.

His tongue teased each at a time at first, in slow circular motions that caused her to stifle a moan.

Then, he held both boobs close, his tongue flirting with both nipples at the same time, gently sucking on them for a few seconds before he resumed teasing them.

“Ayo” she said in a light whisper, “We should stop”

He looked at her, her expression contrasted her words and he knew that it was common sense trying to force its way through.

But he did not want her to still be in charge of her senses, he wanted to touch her so much, common sense made no sense.

He pulled the dress down to her waist, found her pant and realized she was wet and ready.

“You don’t want to stop.” He said referring to the way her body was reacting to him.

“Okay. No, I don’t want to but this is wrong and…” He stopped her with his mouth and before he knew it she had pulled at his buba, removing it as fast as she could.

Then she tugged at his sokoto and began to undo it.
He let her.

Because he liked that she was taking charge and it meant she wanted this as much as he did.

When she found him hard and ready for her, her want for him threatened to drive her insane.

He slowly and gently lifted her and then guided her back on top of him.

She gasped when he entered her.
He was big, the way she had never had any but not so big it hurt. He was big but he was her perfect size.

“Don’t close your eyes” he whispered into her ear softly, biting it gently and letting out a soft moan when she slowly began to ride him.

She was warm on the inside, opening up to him and taking the whole of him like she had been made ready for him.

Initially, she was tight but the more she rode, the more he could ease in with no difficulty.

Like he had instructed her, she did not close her eyes while they pleasured each other but she threw her head back, her hands tightly holding the couch they were sitting on, his name on her lips.

His tongue continued to work on her boobs, his hands firmly in place on her waist.

When he poured himself into her some minutes later, he knew he had opened the door for more hunger for this woman.

He was sated but he wanted more and he knew he was in trouble.

She stood and disappeared with her clothes before he could say anything and that made him chuckle.

He liked that she was a shy, fragile woman one minute and someone who took control the next while lost in the heat of passion.

He liked that.

Detoun was angry at Ayo. He had left her at the party with no words and he had made no effort to reach her.

His erratic behavior was slowly getting to her and she was fed up.

She emerged fromย  her car and knocked on his door.

He let her in after she called him she was around.

“Detoun” He called in surprise.
“Let me guess, you abandoned me at a party because I asked you to define our relationship and you are shocked I showed up in your house for explanation?” She scoffed, shoved him out of the way and walked into the sitting room. “The Ayo I knew a month ago woudn’t be, he would also have a damn good explanation for this ridiculousness.”

He shut the door and joined her in the sitting room.

“What is the meaning of all these?” She asked him, angrily.

“And you better don’t tell me nothing is going on!”

“I’m sorry, Detoun. Something came up. I saw Ife and Jamal and I had to bring Ife home.”

“Are you her boss or her nanny?”

“I take care of her too.”

“Oh you do now?”

Ife had emerged from the bathroom where she had gone to wash up and was standing a few spaces away from the duo.

They could not see her or hear her but she could hear them.

“Our relationship has issues and you run off to take care of Bambi instead. Such nonsense!”

Ife made a mental note to ask Amanda what Bambi signified.

“I cannot continue with this, Ayo. What do you want? Tell me what you want or risk losing me forever.”

“I cannot lose you. I can’t afford to Detoun. You mean a lot to me and you know it.”

“Then ask me to marry you! Do something! Make us official! Stop sleeping with me and acting like it is nothing! I have feelings you idiot!”

He nodded slowly, he was fully aware of that but he also did not want to rush.

Ife felt used and humiliated.

A few minutes before, she had given herself to the man who was clearly someone else’s and someone who could never be into her the way she knew she would because she was already too attracted to him to pull back.

She was opening doors to heartbreak and hurt and she seemed blinded by emotions, too blind she refused to see the reality of things.

Ayo was holding Detoun close when she eventually stepped into the sitting room.

Detoun saw her and eyed her, saying nothing.

“I would like to go now.” She said.

Ayo made to follow her but Detoun pulled him back, “Let her take a cab, Ayobami. We have a lot to catch up on and settle.”

Ayo looked like he would consider her option then said, “I would be right back, it won’t take long.”

Then he grabbed his keys, walked past Ife, leaving her to trail behind him like a puppy.

They drove without words spoken to each other, MI and Wizkid’s “Mine” being the only sound they heard.

Ife closed her eyes while she nodded to the song, refusing to open her eyes and accept the reality of what she had just gotten herself into.

A couple of hours before, she was just an artiste signed to his label that had a contract to respect.

Now, she was the whore who had opened up to him in minutes and had slept with him without thinking and worse, without protection.

She was irritated with herself and the way she never seemed to learn.

Ayo glanced at her as the street lights momentarily illuminated her skin while he drove through the traffic free road.

He wanted to say something to her but he could not find words.

He hoped she did not feel used because that would hurt him.

What happened was something to him and if he had his way, it would continue to happen for a long time.

“Thank you.” She said when he stopped at her house.

“Ife, wait” He said when she made to leave the car.

“For what?” She frowned at him.

His phone rang, it was Tobi.

“Ife is doing you proud right now. Her collaboration with Jesse Jagz was released online this afternoon and it has already broken a record as the most downloaded song on the Internet. Good reviews for her so far. I tried to call her but she was not picking.”

Ayo glanced at Ife, he smiled at her.

She did not return the smile.

“Thanks Tobi. I’m glad to know she is finally being known for her talents not Jamal.”
Ife avoided his gaze when she heard that.

“And guess what? I just got a mail from Seyi Shay, she would like to work with her. She’s impressed with her work with Jesse.”

“I’m glad to hear that too.”
The call ended some minutes later.
“Where’s your phone?”

And that was when Ife realized her phone was not with her.
“I must have left it in your house.”

“I’m proud of you Ife, you’re getting there.”

Ife shrugged and opened the door.

“Tonight meant something.”

She scoffed and shut the door, then hurried towards her front door where she knocked loudly.

Ayo watched in guilt as Amanda emerged, opened the door and the two of them disappeared into the house.

He wanted her to realize she was not being used and that if there was anyone who cared to protect her interests, it was him.

“Well, that was fast.” Amanda said lightly as she reached for a bottle of curry spice on the Kitchen shelf.

She sprinkled it in the chicken she had just rinsed and seasoned with salt and maggi.

“I know. And I think I am being stupid.”

“Stupid is sometimes good.”

Ife eyed her, “I’m being serious here. I don’t want to fall in love and get hurt.”

Amanda had lit the gas cooker and balanced the chicken on it.

“Then don’t” she said to her best friend, “You cannot fall in love with someone like Ayo Balogun and not get hurt so save yourself the heartache and either end this or do it knowing it is leading nowhere.”

Ife sighed, “I am ending it. He is clearly sleeping with that Detoun too.”

Amanda held her friend’s hands, “Just don’t get hurt okay?”

Ife nodded.

“So tell me, how was he?” Amanda giggled, leaning on the kitchen counter near her friend.

“Oh he was good! Really good.”

The two girls laughed, then Ife proceeded to telling the story of how the lovemaking session with Ayo went.

He was losing a lot of blood but he knew he had to see her first before he slipped into consciousness.

He had done everything he did, albeit stupid, because of the love he had for her.

She was the only woman he had ever loved and though he might have a hell of a way of showing it, he was hopelessly in love with her.

He held his chest with one hand and banged the door with the other as loudly as he could.

The door opened after a while, Ife was standing there, horror inย  her eyes.

“Lanre! What happened to you?” She asked, noticing the blood pooling out of his chest.

She held him and called for help.

Amanda emerged from the house, alarmed. “What happened to him?”

“I don’t know. We have to go to the Hospital!”

“Ayo… Your Uncle…” The words fell out of him before he slumped in her arms.

“Lanre!!!” She screamed.

-Tomilola Coco Adeyemo