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“Deeper! I said deeper!!!”

He pushed her head further down, causing her to choke.

She tried to raise her head but there was no room for that with him, he gave her no room to be anything rather than what he wanted her to be.

“Suck it, bitch!” he barked the words at her like she was a common prostitute, like he hadn’t made her believe he had strong feelings for her, like the relationship had not been built on a foundation she thought was pure love and true affection.

She’d fallen for him, hard and fast.

He had first noticed her at her Aunt’s shop which was near the express way he had been traveling on the day his car broke down without warning.

He had been stranded because he was on the outskirts of Lagos and because his mechanic, whom he had immediately placed a call to had told him he was stuck in traffic.

Then he had been frustrated, had gotten down from his car and cussed when the harsh hot sun hit his back.

He had sighted her Aunt’s shop, a small wooden stall built with planks they had gathered from different Carpenters’ workshop and in which they sold biscuits, sweet and satchet water.

“Please can I have water?” He’d asked, squinting because of the sun that was threatening to blind him and scorch him all at the same time.

Her Aunt had called for her to bring the water and she had abandoned the book she was reading to bring him a satchet of cold water.

His hand had brushed hers when she handed the water to him and he had smiled at her, the dimple on his face deepening.

What she had felt that moment was not love but it was something strong enough to make her want to see him again, something strong enough to make her subsequently allow him roam his hands over her naked body and eventually, make love to her.

He had asked her to come take money from his car and there he had asked her everything and almost anything. He told her he wanted to see her again and that he would see her again.

She had turned him down but he had pleaded and something about him had always made her give in, so she had eventually said Yes.

So he told his driver to come and pick her one day after school and she went to visit him in one of the Hotels he owned somewhere not too far from Apete.

He had not rushed anything, had not asked for more than a kiss on their first meeting and had seemed genuinely interested in her.

They did not have sex until a month after their first meeting and by then, he had bought her gifts, ranging from expensive perfumes, clothes to shoes and even human hair.

She did not know what made her fall in love with him, maybe it was the expensive gifts or the fact that he seemed to be so gentle with her the way no other man had ever been.

The sex had been slightly uncomfortable because he was too big for her and he had been a bit rough the first few times they did it but she soon learned how to take him, mostly because he always said, “Don’t worry, you would soon learn how to take it.” after every painful experience.

Then she got used to him and sometimes even shyly asked for it.

On occassions like that, he smiled, revealing his dimples which made him look endearing and kissed her silly before he took her.

Then he gave her money, more money and after a while, too much money. When they started having sex, they barely made conversations.

He just had his driver pick her up, got her drunk on wine, got her naked and made love to her everywhere in his Hotel suite.

The day she asked him why he was okay with not using protection, he said, “Your wahala is too much, you ask too many questions.”

And even though she was aware she never asked many questions, she let it be because she did not want to rile him up.

Then one day, she missed her period and that became the beginning of their end.

♡ ♡ ♡

He ran his hand through the black sheets but found no one.

His eyes flickered open, at first the rays of sunlight blinded him and that caused him to momentarily shut his eyes to adjust to it.

But he sat up after a few seconds, opened his eyes again and scanned the room for her.

She was nowhere in sight, but he knew she was still somewhere around because of the mixture of her feminine cologne which smelt of candy and her bathing gel which smelt of fruits – a smell he had become familiar with over the years.

Her diamond charm bracelet, a gift he had given her last Christmas, laid on his bedside stool and her Cartier wristwatch, another gift from him, laid by its side.

He removed the duvet, wore his slippers and strolled out of his magnificent bedroom into his bathroom.

He was naked save for a pair of black socks – he had slept that way after they had wild sex twice, the night before.

Sex with her always calmed him in ways he could not explain and that was why three years after they broke up, he could not keep his hands off her body.

That and the fact that he would never go Abiola’s way and pay for sex or stoop low for it.

The smell of lemon invaded his nostrils as he strode into his massive bathroom.

It was how he wanted it to always smell and that was why that particular air freshener which he purchased from Paris was never scarce in the bathroom.

He stepped into the shower, turned on the gold faucet and then relished the cold water as it hit him like a blast, waking him up completely and causing him to realize his eyes were not the only thing awake.

“You’re awake.”

She had joined him in the bathroom, standing a few spaces away from the transparent glass shower and close to the Jacuzzi in the bathroom.

“Awake and ready for you.” He winked at her and chuckled.

She did not respond to the wink, neither did she acknowledge the chuckle.

She covered the toilet seat and sat on it, crossing her legs and revealing her yellow toned thighs.

She was wearing a see through body clinging maxi dress; her sexy black Victoria Secrets lingerie was on full display under the dress and her fit body was a welcome sight to see.

And in a bathroom two times bigger than the average bathroom, with a Jacuzzi and a shower surrounded by glass, walls made of marble, taps and flusher made with pure gold, ‘Detoun still shone.

She was always more breathtaking than the breathtaking images – she was a wonder of the modern world.

“Hey Princess.” Ayo’s words were muffled by the kisses he planted on her neck and face immediately he stepped out of the shower, his black towel that had his initials monogrammed on it in gold, was tied around his waist.

She moaned at the same time trying to push him away.

“Go joo” she muttered, gradually losing the battle against herself.

“You want me and you know it, so let yourself.” He said as he reached for her breasts.

“Ayo, stop.” she said, but even her did not believe herself.

He dipped his tongue into her mouth, his fingers stroking taut nipples.

She surrendered herself to him, throwing her arms around his neck as he continued to send pleasure through her body.

He discarded his towel and then turned her round, she did the next few actions reflexively – placed her hands on the toilet tank, raised her dress so he could have easy access and then, gently pulled her thong aside so he could take her with no hassles.

She was warm and wet when he entered her and he rode her slowly at first, then fast until they both began to lose their minds and began to chant each other’s names like their lives both depended on it.

♡ ♡ ♡

She dug the knife into the yam and peeled more than the brown skin; she peeled the yam itself, cutting off large chunks of yam.

The discarded yam chunks piled off at her feet, she glanced at it and paused. She was afraid and when she was she did things she normally wouldn’t do.

She acted without thinking and she did things absentmindedly.

The pot of water on the stove in front of her was past boiling point and was now drying up.

Ife cut the yams into small chunks, put them in the small bowl of water near her, washed and put into the pot in front of her.

Then she watched as the yam boiled, her mind wandering far away from Apete.

The day before had been too overwhelming for her.

Her past had come calling and had interrupted her future from happening.

Abiola did not want her to be a part of Gidi Music, not even as a cleaner he had said and she had cowered like a little girl and told Ayo she was not interested in starting a career with his label.

What Abiola had done to her was not fair – it was heartless, cold and insensitive.

But she also did not belong in that place.

But if she was so convinced her life was not supposed to be in Gidi Music, why was she sitting in her parents’ cramped backyard, cooking yam and thinking of what she stood to lose if she did not accept Ayobami Balogun’s offer?

♡ ♡ ♡

Lovemaking with him always left her sated.

It stirred emotions, brought her alive and left her satisfied in ways she knew no man ever could.

She followed him into the shower, discarding her clothes every step of the way till she removed her pant at the entrance of the shower.

Then, she stepped into the shower with him and cleaned up.

“Jen told me you scheduled a meeting with Tobi today.”

She did not sound happy with the news and so when her gaze met his, a displeased look in it, his thought was confirmed.

“I did.” He replied.

“Is it because of that girl?” She asked and he nodded.

‘Detoun turned off the tap and grabbed his towel which she cleaned herself dry with. “You want Tobi to manage her.”

“She is one of the best talent managers in Lagos and she is responsible for the careers of some of the most successful acts in this country, I thought she would be the best for Ife.” He had collected his towel from her now, cleaning himself with it.

“What is it with you and that girl?” ‘Detoun asked, wearing the clothes she removed just seconds before.

“Because if there is nothing going on between the two of you, you will not be ready to invest so much in her.”

Ayo smirked, “What are you saying?”

“We can sign anybody but her.”

“And why is that?”

The problem was not that Ayo was asking her why they could not sign the girl she had met earlier, the problem was that he did not see anything wrong with signing her.

‘Detoun proceeded into the bedroom, Ayo followed her.

“If she would bring us millions why should we be worried about signing her?” Ayo asked when they reached the room. “Isn’t this just business?”

‘Detoun was done wearing her bracelet and wristwatch, she grabbed her handbag a few spaces away from the bed, “That girl stated clearly that she did not want to be signed, Ayo.”

“She needs time.”

Detoun stifled laughter, “Ayo, I dated you for five years. I know you. What are you not saying about this girl?”

She waited for the response, her arms folded, her eyes, expectant.

Ayo kissed her on the forehead, “Asides being talented and that she deserves to be on this label? Nothing.”

And as he walked over to his closet and pulled out a white vest, Detoun knew he was not speaking the truth.

♡ ♡ ♡

He waited for her for about thirty minutes before she turned up at the Cafe.

She was almost six feet, her hair kept very low as was her signature.

She glided through the few people gathered at the entrance and made for his table in her sky high heels.

“Hello darling.” She blew him a kiss and took a seat opposite him.

“You look fine o. This your new husband is doing well for you.” Ayo joked as he motioned to the waiter.

Tobi laughed, her laughter a soft familiar sound that often reminded him of his childhood and the number of years he’d known this woman for.

He had always said Tobi was one of the people who ensured he stayed real and who wouldn’t lie to him by telling him the undiluted truth.

“I almost forgot how good sex was until I married again o” She said to Ayo, “My late husband had deprived me for so long I did not know the good things sex could do to my mind.”

“I’m sorry to interrupt your sexual bliss, but I need you to manage someone for me.”

“Who is this child? ‘Detoun seems unconvinced by her though and Abbey would not say much.”

Ayo was not surprised at the discovery he just made about Detoun speaking to Tobi about Ife.

It was typical.

“She is raw talent but we would have the next Rihanna on our hands if we sign her.”

“hmm…” Tobi did not miss the seriousness in her friend’s voice and that made her pose her next question, “Why her? There are a million of next Rihannas out there you know?”

“I know. But there is something special about this one.” Tobi paused, “Are you in love with her?”

Ayo scoffed, “You know I don’t indulge in such frivolity.”

♡ ♡ ♡

Amanda sighted him before he saw her.

She ran to where he was standing and where so many area boys were beginning to gather and slowly, harrassing him.

She knew some of them by name and so she called them and pleaded with them to steer clear.

“What are you doing here?” She asked him when the last of the area boys had moved some distance away.

Men like Ayo were targets in a place like Apete.

If they were not careful, they could be robbed or worse, mugged.

“You should not be coming at this time and with this type of car.” Amanda pointed at the red SUV behind them.

“Where is your friend? I need to see her.” He did not seem bothered by the words Amanda spoke or the area boys that watched him carefully a few spaces away.

And in the darkness, where the moon was the only source of light, he still looked good.

And he smelt good too, he smelt of whatever perfume he wore and money.

“I don’t know where she is. I have been here for an hour now and I have not been able to find her.” Amanda replied, she was not lying.

Ife had disappeared from the house and she had no idea where she was.

“Have you tried to call her?”

“She does not have a phone.”

Ayo was shocked, “Of course.” he muttered, for lack of anything else to say.

A few seconds passed before he asked again, “And you have no idea where she might have disappeared into?”

“No. This is very unusual of her.” Amanda looked around them, she was not comfortable with the environment, “You have to leave here immediately, these guys can be really dangerous.”

Ayo nodded, “No problem. But you are coming with me. We must find Ife tonight.”

Amanda would have liked to ask his sudden obsession with Ife but she did not because she needed him to leave Apete and because she wanted Ife to have the music deal.

“Okay.” She hopped into the car with him.

♡ ♡ ♡

Her Aunt was surprised to see her but as usual, she had did not ask too many questions.

Ife sat with her in her shop and helped her sell to the few customers that came to patronise her.

Then when the last of the customers had left, she sat outside the stall and stared at the expressway, a lot of memories rushing back to her.

Memories that included Abiola Osinowo and how he broke her heart.

A plastic ball hit her, startling her and causing her to momentarily pause her thoughts.

She looked beside her and saw a small boy of about three years coming for the ball.

“Sorry.” he said, a look of guilt spreading over his face.

At three, he knew when he had done something wrong and what to do to right that wrong.

He was being brought up well.

“Enitan! Oya drop that ball now and come inside here!”

Ife watched him pick his ball, mutter an apology to her again and then hurry into the stall to meet her Aunt.

“His mother leaves him here every time she has to make extra money at her lesson centre.”

Her Aunt told her, giving her details she hadn’t demanded for but which she wanted to know.

“I don’t know what is keeping her tonight but I don’t want her to meet him outside straying to the main road, she is very protective of him.”

Ife blinked back tears, she could hear no more.

She stood and walked far away from her Aunt and the three year old.

She continued to walk away, from the sound of cars, from her Aunt’s explanation, from sanity.

-Tomilola Coco Adeyemo