Hey guys, I’m starting a new series Next week and here’s the synopsis.



Ayobami Balogun, the biggest Record label executive in this part of Africa is looking to sign the next big act on his label.

He has something in mind but his partners are not very impressed with what he wants.

Ayobami soon witnesses a songstress with raw talents in a local bar in the shanty town she lives in and decides to change her life forever.

Ife does not understand why the successful and handsome record label exec is adamant on changing her life, neither do Abiola and Detoun, Ayo’s partners.

But when Ife begins to fall in love with the man who has chosen to transform her life, things become more complicated and secrets she never thought could be her biggest nightmare, begin to slowly emerge.

And these secrets will burn everyone’s fingers – everyone including her.


-Tomilola Coco Adeyemo