Hey guys! I know I abandoned this blog and ran off for a long time. Forgive me.

For those who have been asking, No the two blog series, BENEATH HER VEIL and THE DIGGERZ don’t end here. You can find the rest on

Scroll down and you’d find the end of the stories. Or just type in the name of the blog series you’re looking for.

Another blog series begins in two days on and it would be running all through October. By that I mean every single day in October.

I’m very much excited to be back. What I’m more excited about is the amazing feedback I always get from you guys.

Those comments make my day and I cannot wait to start getting them again.

You’ll love this new story. Its something that every single Nigerian can relate so passionately with.

Share it, use it as dp and pm and twitter pictures and post on Instagram. Spread the love people! See you on Wednesday! Mwah!!!