Romance Fiction at its best

Download brand new epic romance, Eyin Ese, HERE

AND, SQUADI: The Originals HERE and With Love, From The Grave HERE.

Then, catch up on these beautiful romance stories on Scribespad 👇

Sugar Daddy Chronicles: Flipped – Fan favorite Sugar Daddy Chronicles returns with a sequel and it’s hot.

 The Diggerz – Nene is in Jaiye’s life to get a secret she knows the family is hiding. She needs this story to save her dying show. However Nene soon gets more than what she bargained for when she begins to fall for the handsome Jaiye Fowler and things take a different turn, one she never expected.

The Wedding Weekend – Dolapo genuinely believed she was past the hurt and emotions she felt for Dipo when she accepted his wedding invitation. She had plans to attend the wedding, wish him well and return to Lagos. What she did not have plans for was accepting to be a bridesmaid at her own ex’s wedding and causing chaos nobody will ever recover from after that wedding weekend.

THE MIST – When Ayobami decides to go in search of Ife in the slums of Apete so he can sign her to his huge music Label, his partners think he is mad. Things begin to get more outrageous when Ayo gets attracted to Ife who is definitely not his type. However, will he be willing to tell her the truth when the time comes? The real reason he signed her to Gidi Music, the reason that will threaten to change everything between them forever.

Catch up with the amazing love story of Lawyer, Tiwa Abiona, the daughter of a wronged/murdered millionaire and former Presidential candidate and Dapo Obisesan, an Ex con who was incarcerated for years until he was bailed out by Tiwa on Ms Animus. A story of love, revenge and the desperate want for power, Ms Animus follows two people on a revenge mission against the most powerful people in the country. Question is are they right or are they just being stupid?

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